Sunday, December 1, 2013

7 months old

Logan boy has moved into his 7 month! This last month has just flown by, and as usual, I am still loving every minute I get to spend with this little guy. This last month hasn't been a huge one for milestones...he's just getting better at the things he's already been doing.

Fun facts about Logan at 7 months:
  • He's clapping really well and even claps when we tell him to clap. Andy has a song for him that he sings and Logan will clap along. It goes like this "Clap Clap Clap your hands, for Daddy, for Daddy". It's really cute. Andy has always been so good at coming up with random little rhymes/songs; it's so fun to see Logan react to them.
  • When we put him to down to sleep, he immediately rolls to his side, and then will eventually get onto his tummy (which thankfully he does not hate anymore...). It's so cute to find him in the morning, broken free from his swaddle and laying on his tummy. He will often has his binky, his blanket, or his duck lovey in his mouth and stare at me with a big smile.
  • Logan LOVES his binky! If we put it anywhere near him just on the ground, even a midst his toys, he will go for the binky. He likes to just play with it and chew on it. It's pretty cute. The other morning I went in to check on him and I noticed his binky had fallen on to the ground. He was sound asleep so I just picked it up and put it back in his crib. When Andy went in later to get him up, he had his binky in his mouth. Ha! I love when he just finds his binky in his crib and puts it in his own mouth.
  • He's still eating really well. He'll try anything we give him and rarely spits it back out. He's loving sweet potatoes right now, in any form - fries, cubes, or mashed.
  • Logan is SOOO close to crawling! For the longest time, when we put him on his tummy he would just kick his legs up and flail his arms, balancing on his belly. Obviously that would get him no where. :) Then he started rolling from his belly to his back to reach something. Now he can pivot in a circle, no big deal. But when we try to get him to go forward...he usually ends up scooching backward. Ha! Just yesterday he decided that if he twists his body enough to the side and gets one leg up, then he can move forward a little. So day by day, he's improving. Maybe by the end of this week he'll be crawling. 
Andy and I are still doing great. Andy has to go to Las Vegas for 4 days this week (boo!) for a conference. Logan's really good when he's gone, so I'm not too worried, but we always miss him of course. I am busy trying to plan for Christmas this year. I need to get the house decorated and figure out presents for everyone. I might venture a solo trip to downtown Seattle this week (for my 2nd time ever...) for some shopping, we will see. 

We had a nice Thanksgiving at Andy's parents house. I used to not really care for Thanksgiving food, but now I really look forward to it. It's the one time a year that I get mashed potatoes, because Andy doesn't like them so I never make them. It's always nice to spend time with family. We've been doing a lot of that lately and it's been really fun. Nana and Papa Tolton love to babysit Logan so Andy and I get to go out on date nights fairly often. The last one we had, we went to a really nice restaurant with friends and enjoyed some yummy steak and free dessert! We tried to catch a movie after, but it was all sold out. Hopefully next date night...because man do I miss seeing movies in the theater!

Here are a few pictures of baby Logan from the last month.

Logan eating some prunes (he's got a bit of a digestion problem, poor buddy) Good thing he likes prunes, I guess

Helping me with laundry

Andy likes to lay in Logan's lap. Sometimes Logan puts up with it.

Cool new shoes!

Quite the stylish baby

Cute Santa hat I saw in the store. It was $20 so I just took a picture of him wearing it instead of buying it.

Trying to get him to crawl to me...with chalk... I always tell him that he can have whatever he can crawl to. :) Good thing he can't really crawl yet...

This is his signature tummy move. Legs up, arms flailing, and balancing on his belly.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Half way there...

Really? 6 months have gone by since little Logan was born... What?!? How does that happen so fast? 

This last month has been a lot of fun with Logan learning new things and trying new foods. Every day he just grows up a little bit more and it breaks my heart...but also puts it right back together because I love seeing him grow and do new things.

Some fun things about our 6 month boy:
  • He weighs 17.7 lbs and is 26.5 inches long. These are both in the 25th to 50th percentile. I was super concerned about it because he's gone down a group at the last two appointments. But there's nothing to worry about, the doctor said as long as he's gaining weight and growing that's all that matters right now. So it could mean that he'll be a small little boy, or it could mean nothing at all. Who knows what this kid will grow up to be! And if he is a tiny little kid, like his mama, then that's perfectly fine! :)
  • Logan has TWO teeth! He got the first one on Oct. 4th and the second on Oct. 10th. They are his bottom front teeth. It's so cute to see him smile and see those big teeth, I can't believe my boy has teeth!! He has done really well for the most part with the teething process. Obviously super drooly, and a bit fussy. But he has really liked his binky and some frozen peaches to ease the pain.
  • He sits so well! He has the best posture (that I am jealous of!) and is able to correct himself when he starts wobbling a little bit. He's had a few big falls, once at church on the hard floor in the foyer because I got distracted talking to someone (I need to learn how to talk and watch my baby, apparently). And the other one was at home and he fell forward onto some toys. It's always super sad, but a quick hug and some "daddy squeezes" makes him happy again.
  • Logan loves to play with his toys. We set his toy basket right in front of him and he will grab and throw each toy out of it. It cracks us up! He's started reaching for specific toys, which is super fun to watch. And he gets frustrated when he can't get what he wants. 
  • He's also started getting upset when we take something away...uh oh! That happens this early?!? I was getting bored of a little animal app he was watching and so I was going to open another one. The minute I took away my phone, he cried and even after I opened a different app, he just wasn't having it! So I switched it back to the animal one and he was his smiley, giggly self again. Not cool, baby...not cool! I thought I had at least a few more months until that happened. 
  • I was so excited to share this next one...HE'S SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Well, not so excited to share anymore, but he's not doing it so much anymore. So sad! For about 3 weeks he was going to bed around 7:30 and would wake up at 6:30 to eat. And then he'd go back to sleep until 8:00 or so. It was amazing...until he stopped. And guess what he picked up instead? Rolling himself over to his tummy in the middle of the night and then waking us up by screaming because he hates his tummy. It's been a little rough, but I've once again accepted that things always change and to never get used to anything. That definitely helps me get through the rough stages. 
  • Logan boy had his first plane ride to Utah a few weeks ago. The trip to Utah was great, he just ate and then snuggled up to Daddy and slept the whole way. The trip home was amazing, and he ate and snuggled up to Mommy and slept the whole way. Will it always be that easy?? This baby definitely has spoiled us, that's for sure. 
  • He's experimenting will all sorts of foods. He still LOVES apples. We recently tried pears and he would suck on it a little bit, but didn't seem to love it. Which I decided is okay, because I've never really liked pears, and so now I don't feel like I have to buy them. He likes bread (who doesn't??) and loves peas! Well, it's like a dehydrated pea snack thing. But he will eat several of those, and that's the only food he's actually finished before getting tired of it.
Logan had a lot of fun meeting his aunts, uncles, and cousins in Utah and seeing his Nana and Papa McKenzie again. His best friend was cousin Gracie, who loved to hold him. She would stare at him saying "Logey, Logey, Logey..." until he would look at her. It was the cutest thing. His cousin Aidyn kind of liked him... haha! He loved to give him kisses, but did not love it when his mommy held Logan. It was so cute to see the older girls hold him, because they have so much practice with their younger siblings and cousins. I wasn't worried, but I'm glad that Log was still his happy self the whole trip, especially when there was so much noise and craziness all around him. Andy and I live such a quiet life here in Washington, that I was excited for Logan to experience some crazy. And he seemed to like it just fine!

Here are a few pictures of our big guy at 6 months.

Playing with daddy's old Ninja Turtles

Our first family plane ride
Meeting Aunt Megan and cousin Aidyn
Love this baby with a hood on his head!
Playin' with toys
We loved walking around campus showing Logan where he will go to school one day. :) (He slept the whole time...)
Uncle Rich and Logan
I love this picture with his legs sticking straight out. Ha!
My baby is old enough to sit in shopping carts! 
I did a quick 6 month photo shoot with Log and he was seriously the best model. I'm so glad they turned out better than his newborn pictures, because getting a photographer for every milestone month would get expensive!
Love his drool spot?? 

We love this little boy so much and can't wait to see what the future holds for him. He is just the sweetest, happiest baby and I don't think we could be any happier to be his parents!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

5 months for our little man

Logan boy is 5 months old!! I know everyone says that time just flies by...and I've felt that in the past, but this last month I think I've really just relaxed and focused 100% on my little boy and enjoyed every moment of it. I know I can't always do that, but I'm so glad for the days where I can just take it slow and soak it all up. I'm seriously so grateful that I can stay home with him. Andy is the best husband and daddy, working so hard to make it possible. Thanks honey!!!

I've had so much fun this last month with the little guy. It's been so fun to see him gain new skills and be able to play with him more and more. We love to make him laugh, and he laughs ALL THE TIME! He still loves people and doesn't seem to mind too much being passed around. He will always give whoever he sees a great big smile.

Some fun things about Logey at 5 months:
  • I'm not sure how long he is, or how much he weighs...I don't feel like he's grown that much from last month, seeing as how he still fits into his 3 months clothes. So we will see in a few weeks at his next check-up how big he's gotten.
  • He's finally mastered rolling from his back to his belly. It's so cute to watch! Andy had mentioned that he saw him do it once, and I was so jealous because I hadn't seen it. I knew he could do it, because I would find him on his tummy after I left the room for a second, but I never witnessed it. So for a few days I just watched and watched him so intently and I finally got to see it! It was so cute. Now the problem is...he really does not like being on his tummy anymore. Sad day.
  • He's started noticing his toes, and likes to grab at them. He does not try to eat them, yet.
  • Logan cranes his neck and back like crazy these days! I don't know what it is...maybe he's just more alert and realized that there are things behind him and he really wants to see. I don't know, but it makes feeding time pretty interesting 
  • Poor Logey had his first cold a few weeks ago. There was one rough night where he couldn't sleep and ended up sleeping in our bed. He woke up once every hour and we just had to cuddle him back to sleep and he was okay. Luckily, it didn't last longer than a week and very lucky that he was still his sweet smiley self during the day.
  • He cannot get enough of his hands! He likes to play with them and then loves to suck on them. We swear he's going to pop a tooth any minute, but nothing ever shows up. 
  • He is sitting on his own!! He's still wobbly, but he is definitely doing it. It's so much fun!
  • Log likes to sleep on his side, well he did until I decided to start swaddling his arms again. It was so cute to find him in the morning laying on his side just snoozing away. But one night he was having a hard time going back to sleep so I decided to put him in his swaddler, and he slept from 11 pm to 7 am, no interruptions!! Now he's in a swaddle sleep sack, and definitely sleeps longer, but not as long as that one fluke night. One of these days he will decide that he can go through the night without eating...
  • Logan seems to LOVE ducks! I've mentioned how he loves his little duck "lovey", but one day as I was going through sounds on my phone, I came across a duck quacking and he laughed! I played every other noise and he couldn't have cared less, but every time I played the quack he would smile and laugh. So cute!
  • Logan has always been really good about getting woken up from his naps. I know everyone says "don't wake a sleeping baby", but Logan seriously never minded. Well, now he does! There's been a few times where he's had to be woken up early and he starts crying and is so sad. Luckily, I'm able to get him back to sleep pretty quickly.
  • He loves to pat everything. There was one night when he was snuggling with Andy and his little hand was just patting him the whole time. He loves to pat the bottle when he's eating, loves to reach up and pat our faces. 
  • He's starting to laugh at peek-a-boo. Can't wait to play more games with him when he's older.
  • Logan has tried a few solid foods. We tried avocado slices first, and he did not enjoy it. I tried mashing them and feeding to him on a spoon and he liked that even less. We tried apple slices and he LOVED that. He held it in his little hand and sucked on it for quite a while. But when I tried thanks! Peaches are no good - which was so surprising because I had a slice and it was possibly the most delicious peach I'd had in a while. :) He loves bananas, too! I tricked him once and put a banana and an avocado in one of those mesh feeders and he really liked it! I love trying new foods with him! He's had a few sips of water and he sometimes swallows it. Ha! 
Here are a few pictures of the big guy:

Out for a walk around the Arboretum

Haha, love these daddy/son imitation pictures

Chubby chubby cheeks 

Laying on my legs just relaxing

Sitting up like a big boy during his bath

This is the only thing that will keep him happy during tummy time

I propped him up on these pillows while I changed the laundry...came back to him sleeping. Ha ha!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Logan's Baby Blessing

I can't believe Logan's blessing day was 3 months ago already! And I'm just now getting around to posting about it...

We were so blessed to have so much family and friends attend his blessing. My parents flew in for it, and that was really nice to have them here. His day was very special and Andy did such a great job with the blessing. It definitely brought me to tears, and one part specifically. I remember Andy blessing Logan to be a good big brother, an example and a protector to other siblings that will come in the future. I think that touched me so much because I look up to my oldest brother, Richie, so much. He is the ultimate "big brother". I mean, all of my brothers are wonderful, but Rich is the biggest big brother. He has always been such an example to me, and I'm so grateful every day for those few years that we got to spend together when everyone else was out of the house. So I just imagine my little Logan being like Rich to his siblings, and it just means so much to me.

I really wanted to write down Log's blessing, but I also wanted to just enjoy it in the moment. So I was a little disappointed that we didn't get it in writing. But a few weeks after the blessing, a guy from our ward handed Andy a piece of paper and it was Logan's blessing! He said that he often writes the baby blessings down and gives it to the parents. I started crying when Andy told me about it. It was amazing!

Here are some things that were said in his blessing:

"We bless you:

  • To know that you are loved always by your parents and by your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
  • That you will feel their Spirit and follow their example. 
  • With love for your fellow brothers & sisters.
  • To be able to do the things that Heavenly Father would have you do.
  • To know that your parents will always love you no matter what you do.
  • That as our family grows, you will love those that follow, that they will look to you as an example and follow you, and that they will see you as a protector and look up to you.
  • You are a special spirit"
My favorite parts are when Andy blesses him to know that we will always love him no matter what he does. That's something we have always talked about, that no matter what choices our son makes, we will love him and support him. And again, that he will be an example and a protector to his siblings that might come in the future. I feel like Andy was very inspired to say those words and I am so grateful for the gentleman in our ward that wrote these words down so that Logan can read them one day.

We had a little get together at the house after the blessing. Of course we had way too much food, but the decorations were really cute. Yes, I did decorations for a baby blessing... Andy makes fun of me that I went so overboard with it, but it was cute and I enjoyed it. :)

Baby blessings have always made me cry, even when it's just some random person in a random ward we might be attending. I just love these sweet little spirits that are so close to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It's such a blessing to be his mama.

I'm really bummed that we didn't get very good pictures from his special day, but here are a few.

It's just a little bit too big... ha!
Wow, is this what I really looked like after being a mom for a month?

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy 5 Year Anniversary

I realized that I really haven't done a normal post, that isn't all about Logan since he was born. I got to thinking that although I LOVE doing a post just once a month about my little boy, there are so many other wonderful things happening in our lives that I want to write about and remember.

I love this photo collage. It shows the whole beginning of our relationship. First night we met, first date, engagement, and our wedding day. 
Like... 5 years of marriage to the greatest man on earth! (Oh gosh, here I go with the tears already). I have been so excited about this anniversary, well EVERY anniversary, but especially this one. I've been thinking about it for an entire year and deciding what HUGE thing we were going to do. Andy and I switch off planning every year, and so it was my turn. I knew that we would have a 3 month old and so obviously we couldn't do anything too big, but I really wanted to make the day all about us. That's one thing that Andy and I have been adamant about; we always want our anniversary to be all about us. August 9, 2008 is where it all began for us as a family and we don't want it to just turn into any regular day. We always want to make it special. Anyway... so I knew that it would be hard to do that with a baby, but my mind was working trying to figure out a way. My original plan was to have Andy's parents take Logan for the night while we stayed in a hotel downtown Seattle, got roomservice, and just spend all night together. Then the next day we would meet up with his parents and go to the Mariner's game. Sounds great, right? Well, things changed once we had the little guy and I stopped working. Hotels are sooo expensive! And Log wasn't sleeping through the night yet, so I didn't want to have the in-laws worry about that.

I kept thinking of ways we could make it work...and after discussing with Andy, I realized it just wasn't going to happen this year. I decided to just make reservations at a super nice restaurant and call it a night. But Andy brought up an idea that was way more fun, and more us! We bought tickets to the Mariner's game the night of our anniversary. It also happened to be a Fireworks night and a night celebrating Ken Griffey Jr. being  inducted into the Mariner's Hall of Fame. Ken Griffey Jr. is Andy's favorite baseball player, so it was really neat to be there for that.

Andy works from home on Fridays, so I decided to make a yummy Anniversary breakfast of french toast and bacon and the most delicious chocolate milk. Then we just spent all day together hanging out and playing with Logan. Andy's parents came over later to watch Logan, and Andy and I headed to the game. The weather was great, our seats were great, and we just got to enjoy being together. The game was not great...we lost like 10 - 2 or something. But who cares, we still made it fun.

Andy was so cute when we first got to the ballpark. We walked in and I noticed a sign that said "Anniversary/Birthday" and then all of a sudden Andy said "Uh, I need to go get something". So at that point I knew that he had put an Anniversary message on the board, but I tried to play dumb and let him think I was surprised. :) It was kind of hard since it took forever for his message to finally show. But it was super sweet and I totally didn't expect it when we first bought the tickets.

It was so much fun to have a night off from being "mom and dad" and just be "husband and wife" for a few hours. Nana and Papa said that Logan was a great baby for them, so that made me super happy. I think that we will have to use them again when we want to go on another date. And I'm hoping that we make a better habit of it, instead of just waiting for our anniversary to come around each year. :)

The past 5 years have been amazing, sometimes hard, but still always worth it. Marriage is work, but that just makes it better knowing that you've worked so hard to make something so great. I love Andy more and more every day. I love the wonderful husband that he has always been. I am crazy, I'll admit it, and he puts up with me with so much patience and love. He is such a great dad to our little baby boy. I love watching them play together; I have a smile on my face the entire time. Happy Anniversary honey, can't wait for more years to come. I Love You!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Baby Boy is 4 months!!

Oh wow... little baby Logan is 4 months old! I can't believe it. It's so funny because sometimes it seems like he's only 4 months! Why isn't he more mobile, eating solids, saying words and signing... and then I remember, do I really want those things to happen already? No! I want him to be a little snuggly baby as long as possible! I think what's hard, is that most babies we hang out with are older, so I think that Logan should be able to do what those babies are doing. I really need to get over that, because then I think that he's not developing. Oh geez...what's wrong with me? Sorry, Andy that you have to put up with me. :)

All about Logan at 4 months:

  • He weighs 15 lbs 11 oz and is 25.5 inches long. I was guessing that he was at 16 lbs, I was pretty darn close. These are all in the 75th percentile, which is awesome, but makes me a little concerned because he's been in the 95th up to this point. I'm not concerned for his health...more concerned that he's going to start showing that he got his mama's genes. Yikes!
  • Logan loves to talk and make so much noise. It's so cute when he's just playing with his toys and just talking to them.
  • As much as he loves to talk to his toys, he always gets pretty frustrated with them. One second he will be happy and giggling, and then the next he'll be fussy because he can't reach one, or can't bring it to his mouth. He's just been doing that the last few days and it's kind of funny, but sad. 
  • He's lost a lot of hair...he's got a pretty sweet bald spot in the back. You can see it in some of the pictures. Sure hope it grows back soon...
  • Log loves his tongue! He used to suck on his thumb, but now he just sticks his thumb and pointer finger in his mouth and grabs his tongue. It's so stinking cute. If Andy or I stick our tongues out at him, he will smile and sometimes stick his out back at us.
  • He's hit the 4 month sleep regression...AWESOME! It hasn't been too bad, but he used to fall asleep by 7 or 8 for bedtime, and not wake up again until 3. Now he's up by 1 or so... Oh, there was one night where he woke up at 1:00, 2:00 AND 3:00. It was super awesome. :)
  • Logan will now start reaching and grabbing his toys when he's on his belly. 
  • When he's on his playgym, he will start reaching for toys that are farther away from him (this is about the time he gets frustrated because he can't reach them...). So cute to see him reach though, and not just automatically grab what's right in his face.
  • Logan has enjoyed his first few concerts. During the summer, the city of Kirkland puts on Kid Concerts at the beach near our house. So Log and I will walk down and enjoy the sun and silly music. My favorite is Caspar Babypants (seriously, look him up). I think I love him because he was the lead singer for Presidents of the United States of America (so, a rock band) and he now plays kids music. Super fun!
  • Logan is very close to rolling from his back to his tummy, but can't quite get over that shoulder yet.
  • He is getting more adventurous and loves to be tossed (ever so gently). He finally recognizes what's going on and realized it's pretty fun. He's also started to jump up and down a little, with big smiles and giggles of course.
  • He's still such a snuggler. I LOVE IT! 
I feel like there's more, but that's all I can think of right now (and that's a lot, anyway). Here are a few pictures of the little guy the last month or so. Such a cutie-patooty!!

He is a big boy sometimes and holds his own bottle

Loves bathtime and showers 
He loves to watch soccer with Daddy (note his bald spot)

Cuddling and being tickled by daddy

Loves to suck on his blankets

Logan's car buddies

He loves to read

Seriously, the sweetest face

He loves to sit and hunch over and cuddle me. Pretty funny

Cutest smile ever!