Monday, January 12, 2015

Logan boy, 21 months

I've been keeping a record of all the fun things Logan has been up to on my phone, but I've decided to finally use nap time to write it all down and share pictures. We've been having so much fun with Logan lately... seeing him grow and learn and share. He's so talkative, picks up a new word (or more) every day. And we just think he is the smartest kid around! Obviously we don't have anything to compare it to, but he just picks up on things so quickly and other people always mention how smart he is. :) So basically we have a genius on our hands.

Every day, and every minute of the day, I can feel my heart filling with more and more love for this little boy. I didn't know this was possible! If I thought I loved him when he was first, that's nothing compared to what I have for him today. I am just so happy to be his mama and I know Andy feels the same way. 

Okay, enough with the sappiness...Here are a few things that little Logey has been up to.

  • He loves to take lids off of everything and put them back on. He's been doing this for months. I wish I would get a recording of him saying "lid", but it's hilarious. It's like "lyeeed". Haha! You can tell I love it. 
  • On that same note...I basically love all of his "baby words". Here are just a few:
    • Mickey Mouse: Mimi
    • Monster truck: mamohs
    • Smoothie: mamoose
    • Naked: nuh-nake
    • Binky: baby
    • Blankey: baby (yes yes, very confusing between binky and blankey. But if he cries when he says "baby" it's safe to assume he means binky, because he wants it so badly, but we have to limit his time with it)
    • Bubbles: buboosh
    • Poop: poot
    • Penis: peh-pees
    • Cup: pup
    • Sheep: baba
    • Water: wa wa
    • Noodles: noo noos
    • Snack: Nack...s
    • Muffins: muh-mufs
  • That's a pretty good list...and he says plenty of words that actually sound like it, like "neck" is one of his favorites. Don't know where he picked up on that one... Also, you can tell which words his Daddy has taught him... :)
  • He is such a lover! He loves to give hugs and kisses to anyone and anything. His favorite people to hug are Dada, Mama, Mickey, and any stuffed animal he sees
  • We went through a hitting phase and he learned quickly that it was not nice to hit mama or dada...but lately whenever he gets too upset, he hits himself! It's so sad, but I think it shows how sweet of a boy he is. That he has this frustration, and doesn't know what to do with it and doesn't want to hurt mom or dad, so he just does it to himself. We've really been trying to teach him not to hit at all...but we all know how well that goes over. 
  • For several months, he's been all about putting things in buckets or baskets and dumping them out and repeating over and over. It's very nice when I want to bake with him and he just occupies himself with scooping and pouring the flour all over.
  • He's not a fan of bedtime right now...he just has so much fun playing, so he throws a little fit when we say it's time for bed. But quickly calms down once we put pj's on and get ready for storytime.
  • Logan has several favorite shows, but his MOST favorite is still Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He loves Thomas and Friends, Curious George, and The Magic Schoolbus.
  • Speaking of Magic Schoolbus...Logan has a HUGE obsession with buses! Every where we go, he spots them miles away. And I don't even know if I can count how many buses we have in the house (close to 10, I'm sure!) 
  • Along with buses, he loves "choo-choos", cars, know, all the typical "boy" stuff. I swear it just all comes naturally. 
  • His favorite song for Mom and Dad to've guessed it! The Wheels on the Bus...over and over and over again we sing this song, and it's still not enough for him :)
  • His favorite song to listen to is The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song by The Flaming Lips. If he hears it, he will ask "mo mo mo" as soon as it ends...and yep, we cave and listen to is over and over and over again. 
  • When he first learned how, Log loved folding his arms for prayer...then he kind of rebelled against it. He's slowly coming around and even closes his eyes now. 
  • He's not the best eater...still hates chicken. He's gotten better at trying most everything at least once, but if he doesn't like what we are eating, he just doesn't eat. We are pretty strict about that, because I will not be a short-order cook every night for dinner! :) He's definitely his mama's son though...he's a big snacker! He always asks for "nack...s", all day long. We're working on it.
  • Log likes to dance and started singing too. So stinking cute!
  • He's obsessed with his uncle's new girlfriend. It's always "Des, Des, Des". She gave me a pair of shoes...and those shoes to him are now "Des" shoes. We love her too, so it's okay! :) She can't leave a room without Logan getting super concerned and saying "Des?" We're working on him actually saying his uncle's name. :) Sorry CJ!
  • He loves going to the park, of course. Which kills me when it's nasty weather outside. But we got a membership to a children's museum nearby, so we get to go there to play and have fun. Thank goodness! It's a lifesaver. 
I swear I could go on and on...Like I said before, we are loving life with this sweet little boy. He brightens our day, each and every day. Here are some recent pictures of the little man. 

First pumpkin patch experience

Looking classy as always

Comforting Daddy during one of his many ER visits this year

Snuggling with Daddy before his surgery

Helping Mama bake some cookies

Experimenting with make-up

Lover of Ipads

Love our lazy boy

Always sitting in any box he can

Always with his blankey

Hanging out with the kids

Totally passed out after a trip to Kidsquest

Andy almost passed out after playing at Kidsquest