Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby Shower

When we were in Utah for Christmas, my sweet sister and mom decided to throw a baby shower for me. I was so excited because I really didn't think I would get one since we don't live near my family. I was so happy to see everybody that came...and to open all of baby Logan's presents! Everyone was so sweet and sooo giving. We had to borrow a HUGE suitcase from mom and dad in order to get everything home! So THANK YOU everyone!! Here are a few pictures of the party:
Sweet mama and sister. Thanks ladies for the shower!!

Mobile that my mom and dad made for Logan

Close ups - look at those cute little faces!!

Mobile and beanie that Meg made

Huge pile of stuff that we got for Logan. Thank you!!!

Probably my 3 favorite presents... 3 of the exact same outfits, but all different sizes 

Logan will be able to wear his favorite monkey shirts from birth to 1 year old!!

L.O.V.E this coat that Jan bought for Logan. He will look so "classy". Thanks Jan!!

Linds made me this awesome nursing cover and Moby-style wrap. Can't wait to use them!
And I realized I didn't get any pictures of actual people from the shower, so thanks Jan for these pictures (glad it's so easy to steal pictures from other peoples blogs)
Realizing that we got another Silly Monkey outfit. So awesome!
Cute picture of me and my girls. Last picture we will get to take for 18 months!! Miss you Whitty-poo!
Whit made me this shirt to remember her up in Canada. So cute! Thanks Whit!
Note the "eh?" where baby Logan is. :)
And I couldn't resist putting up this picture of Aidyn...he was loving that 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper. He kept trying to carry it up the ramp, but it was too heavy. Haha!
Look at that face!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Aidyn's First Birthday

Meg was so sweet and waited until Andy and I were in Utah to have Aidyn's first birthday party. We went shopping with her earlier in the day to buy the decorations, snacks and stuff to make the cake. She wanted to do a Bob the Builder theme, and it was amazing because got a lot of decorations to match from the dollar store. Meg was very adventurous and wanted to make and decorate a cake for Aidyn. She asked for my help...I think I just sat around and watched her. I don't know if I could decorate a cake like she did. I might be creative, but I'm usually not brave enough to attempt my creative thoughts. Haha!

We had a lot of fun decorating and getting ready. As the time got closer we heard from Dave and Dan and both of their families were super sick so they couldn't make it. We were kind of counting on them to be there to bring the kids, because we had kid games planned, but that's okay. Adults can play kid games! We played pin the hammer on Bob the Builder, musical chairs, and a game where you have to pop the balloon with your butt. It's always fun to act like a little kid every now and then. Here are a few pictures of the night.

Nana and Aidyn

Cute table and decorations

Some of the peeps... looks at those pictures on the wall. Meg made those!!

Andy won musical chairs

Meg with her masterpiece

Cute little 1 year old

Getting in his cake eating outfit

He kind of dug into the cake. Took him a while though.

Such a cute cake. Bonus that it was a Funfetti cake. YUM!
Happy birthday sweet little Aidyn baby. I honestly can't believe how fast that year went by. I am so glad that I was able to fly in and see you and your mommy in the hospital a few days after you were born. You were the cutest newborn! Love you little boy!!

Christmas vacation

Hello friends. As I'm sitting here, waiting for church, I thought I would do something productive. And what's more productive than a blog post?? I have no idea... :) We switched to 1:00 church this year, and although it's been nice to sleep in and be super lazy all morning, it kind of has me feeling guilty for "wasting" a Sabbath day. I definitely think that's something I'm going to have to work on throughout the year - try to do something before church starts so that I feel like it's not just another Saturday morning.

Anyway, let's do a post about our Christmas vacation. It was my family's turn for Christmas, so Andy and I flew out there for a week. We got in on Saturday afternoon and went to a movie with the fam. Bad idea seeing as how we had been up since I fell asleep throughout the whole movie, basically. We went to the old ward on Sunday, except it's just not the same ward anymore since the split. It was a  really nice Christmas program. My dad sang in the choir and Rich and Amy narrated the program. They are soooo cute! I'm in love with them. :)

I'm super upset that I didn't take very many pictures. I'm just not used to taking pictures anymore, because at Tolton's so STRANGE to have a camera present. Christmas Eve was nice, everyone came over to mom and dad's and we just laughed and ate, played games, watched the kids put on a play, had a talent show. I bet you're all wondering what my talent was?? I showed off my blanket that I'm knitting for baby Logan. But the best talent...Andy sang for all of us!! I told him I wasn't going to pressure him because he hates being the center of attention, but I think he was just won over with the spirit of Christmas. And yes, the minute he started singing...I cried! Haha! I think I would have cried even if I wasn't pregnant! We got some amazing presents from the family. Everybody is so crafty and creative!

My mom created all of these little scenes for each kid. Mine was a Nativity scene, which is perfect because I don't have a Nativity. And now I have an amazing hand-made one from my mama. Meg got fireplace and stocking scene, Dan and Judy got a Snowman family, Dave and Shell got a Gingerbread family, and Rich and Amy got an amazing Christmas tree. All of these were handmade our of sculpy clay/dough and she's been working on them only since October. I wish I had pictures of all of the other ones.

My Nativity scene
 The siblings "draw" names every year and Meg had Andy and I. She made this precious canvas for Logan's room. I'm going to do gray, yellow, black/white with giraffes and elephants. So this is absolutely perfect. It is sooo cute!
Love those giraffes!!
 Amy is apparently an amazing knitter and she knitted this super soft yellow blanket for baby Logan. Mom and Dad's house was pretty cold at times, so we put this on us and warmed right up.
So soft and cozy!
Dad made these little Learning bags for all of the grandkids. I saw him making them, but I didn't think he would have one for Logan yet, because he's not born and won't be "learning" for a little while. But he surprised us with his own little bag. So cute, he free-handed all of the pictures on the bag. 
Can't wait to read him these little books

After Christmas was over, pretty much all of the family got sick, except Andy and I so we borrowed Amy's car and tried to stay out of the house and away from the sickies. We got to hang out with our friends quite a bit on this trip, that was really nice. We did some shopping with Jan and Spencer, dinner with Brian and Derek, bowling with my girls. We were busy busy, but that's the way we like it. We got so much snow and I was in heaven! I was hoping we could go sledding with the kids, but we just never found a good time when everyone wasn't sick or busy. It was so good to spend Christmas with my family. It's always crazy and loud and so much food. But it's so much fun at the same time. I just think about next Christmas and our little baby will be here. Crazy!!