Sunday, January 13, 2013

Aidyn's First Birthday

Meg was so sweet and waited until Andy and I were in Utah to have Aidyn's first birthday party. We went shopping with her earlier in the day to buy the decorations, snacks and stuff to make the cake. She wanted to do a Bob the Builder theme, and it was amazing because got a lot of decorations to match from the dollar store. Meg was very adventurous and wanted to make and decorate a cake for Aidyn. She asked for my help...I think I just sat around and watched her. I don't know if I could decorate a cake like she did. I might be creative, but I'm usually not brave enough to attempt my creative thoughts. Haha!

We had a lot of fun decorating and getting ready. As the time got closer we heard from Dave and Dan and both of their families were super sick so they couldn't make it. We were kind of counting on them to be there to bring the kids, because we had kid games planned, but that's okay. Adults can play kid games! We played pin the hammer on Bob the Builder, musical chairs, and a game where you have to pop the balloon with your butt. It's always fun to act like a little kid every now and then. Here are a few pictures of the night.

Nana and Aidyn

Cute table and decorations

Some of the peeps... looks at those pictures on the wall. Meg made those!!

Andy won musical chairs

Meg with her masterpiece

Cute little 1 year old

Getting in his cake eating outfit

He kind of dug into the cake. Took him a while though.

Such a cute cake. Bonus that it was a Funfetti cake. YUM!
Happy birthday sweet little Aidyn baby. I honestly can't believe how fast that year went by. I am so glad that I was able to fly in and see you and your mommy in the hospital a few days after you were born. You were the cutest newborn! Love you little boy!!

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