Monday, January 12, 2015

Logan boy, 21 months

I've been keeping a record of all the fun things Logan has been up to on my phone, but I've decided to finally use nap time to write it all down and share pictures. We've been having so much fun with Logan lately... seeing him grow and learn and share. He's so talkative, picks up a new word (or more) every day. And we just think he is the smartest kid around! Obviously we don't have anything to compare it to, but he just picks up on things so quickly and other people always mention how smart he is. :) So basically we have a genius on our hands.

Every day, and every minute of the day, I can feel my heart filling with more and more love for this little boy. I didn't know this was possible! If I thought I loved him when he was first, that's nothing compared to what I have for him today. I am just so happy to be his mama and I know Andy feels the same way. 

Okay, enough with the sappiness...Here are a few things that little Logey has been up to.

  • He loves to take lids off of everything and put them back on. He's been doing this for months. I wish I would get a recording of him saying "lid", but it's hilarious. It's like "lyeeed". Haha! You can tell I love it. 
  • On that same note...I basically love all of his "baby words". Here are just a few:
    • Mickey Mouse: Mimi
    • Monster truck: mamohs
    • Smoothie: mamoose
    • Naked: nuh-nake
    • Binky: baby
    • Blankey: baby (yes yes, very confusing between binky and blankey. But if he cries when he says "baby" it's safe to assume he means binky, because he wants it so badly, but we have to limit his time with it)
    • Bubbles: buboosh
    • Poop: poot
    • Penis: peh-pees
    • Cup: pup
    • Sheep: baba
    • Water: wa wa
    • Noodles: noo noos
    • Snack: Nack...s
    • Muffins: muh-mufs
  • That's a pretty good list...and he says plenty of words that actually sound like it, like "neck" is one of his favorites. Don't know where he picked up on that one... Also, you can tell which words his Daddy has taught him... :)
  • He is such a lover! He loves to give hugs and kisses to anyone and anything. His favorite people to hug are Dada, Mama, Mickey, and any stuffed animal he sees
  • We went through a hitting phase and he learned quickly that it was not nice to hit mama or dada...but lately whenever he gets too upset, he hits himself! It's so sad, but I think it shows how sweet of a boy he is. That he has this frustration, and doesn't know what to do with it and doesn't want to hurt mom or dad, so he just does it to himself. We've really been trying to teach him not to hit at all...but we all know how well that goes over. 
  • For several months, he's been all about putting things in buckets or baskets and dumping them out and repeating over and over. It's very nice when I want to bake with him and he just occupies himself with scooping and pouring the flour all over.
  • He's not a fan of bedtime right now...he just has so much fun playing, so he throws a little fit when we say it's time for bed. But quickly calms down once we put pj's on and get ready for storytime.
  • Logan has several favorite shows, but his MOST favorite is still Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He loves Thomas and Friends, Curious George, and The Magic Schoolbus.
  • Speaking of Magic Schoolbus...Logan has a HUGE obsession with buses! Every where we go, he spots them miles away. And I don't even know if I can count how many buses we have in the house (close to 10, I'm sure!) 
  • Along with buses, he loves "choo-choos", cars, know, all the typical "boy" stuff. I swear it just all comes naturally. 
  • His favorite song for Mom and Dad to've guessed it! The Wheels on the Bus...over and over and over again we sing this song, and it's still not enough for him :)
  • His favorite song to listen to is The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song by The Flaming Lips. If he hears it, he will ask "mo mo mo" as soon as it ends...and yep, we cave and listen to is over and over and over again. 
  • When he first learned how, Log loved folding his arms for prayer...then he kind of rebelled against it. He's slowly coming around and even closes his eyes now. 
  • He's not the best eater...still hates chicken. He's gotten better at trying most everything at least once, but if he doesn't like what we are eating, he just doesn't eat. We are pretty strict about that, because I will not be a short-order cook every night for dinner! :) He's definitely his mama's son though...he's a big snacker! He always asks for "nack...s", all day long. We're working on it.
  • Log likes to dance and started singing too. So stinking cute!
  • He's obsessed with his uncle's new girlfriend. It's always "Des, Des, Des". She gave me a pair of shoes...and those shoes to him are now "Des" shoes. We love her too, so it's okay! :) She can't leave a room without Logan getting super concerned and saying "Des?" We're working on him actually saying his uncle's name. :) Sorry CJ!
  • He loves going to the park, of course. Which kills me when it's nasty weather outside. But we got a membership to a children's museum nearby, so we get to go there to play and have fun. Thank goodness! It's a lifesaver. 
I swear I could go on and on...Like I said before, we are loving life with this sweet little boy. He brightens our day, each and every day. Here are some recent pictures of the little man. 

First pumpkin patch experience

Looking classy as always

Comforting Daddy during one of his many ER visits this year

Snuggling with Daddy before his surgery

Helping Mama bake some cookies

Experimenting with make-up

Lover of Ipads

Love our lazy boy

Always sitting in any box he can

Always with his blankey

Hanging out with the kids

Totally passed out after a trip to Kidsquest

Andy almost passed out after playing at Kidsquest

Monday, June 30, 2014

Logan lately

We've been having a great summer so far! We love the wonderful sunny weather we have been having and it's the saddest day when it's overcast and rainy and we can't go to the park. But that hasn't happened too much, fortunately. I am looking forward to a few more months of wonderful Seattle Summer!

We've had several beach days, park days, and one day swimming in our pool. Logan wasn't a huge fan so I've been hesitant to go back. I think that if we go with Andy then he will have a better time. Andy just has that "daddy factor" that makes Logan so happy and giggly, more than giggles really, full out LAUGHS! I love it! Logan loves to play at the parks. He can be hesitant at first, maybe just trying to soak it all in. But then he goes and goes. He loves to climb stairs and go down slides. He still loves to swing. One time we were swinging so close to nap time and he almost fell asleep in the swing, but he wouldn't let me take him out! I think he liked it and wished I would have left him in to take his nap. Honestly, if I could take a nap in a swing, I would. Sounds wonderful!

The second weekend in June, Andy left us and went on a river rafting trip down the Colorado River with his dad and brothers. He had a blast and I am super sad I missed out. But he promises we will go as a family when Logan's older. :) He had 4 days on the river, away from civilization, and basically everything was taken care of for them. So happy he got to enjoy that and get back to the great outdoors and realize that he really does like doing things outside! Now we have made plans to FINALLY go camping as a family this summer. I can't wait! 

Logan has been so much fun...and such a little stink at the same time. He's growing and turning into a big boy, but just can't quite express himself very well yet. So we've entered the screaming has gotten a little bit better, but I just have to keep telling myself that this won't last and to keep teaching him how to communicate, even though he can't do it right now. I know he's soaking up all of the info we give him and one day, he will be able to communicate. 

He's also getting 4...yes I said F.O.U.R. molars all at once! Why do his teeth feel the need to come in such big groups. Poor little buddy. So he's been loving his Hyland's teething tablets and binky. Although, we are trying to be more strict with is binky and only let him have it at naptime and bed time. He was getting way to attached a few weeks ago, so we decided to put a stop to it. Now he doesn't scream at us when we take it away, sometimes he even gives it to us when we ask. :)

Here are a few more fun things about our big boy at 14 months:
  • Claps, smiles and dances (waves his arms) when he hears music. I'm still working on getting his lower half to dance too.
  • When we ask for hugs, sometimes he will come running to us with a big smile and hug. Such a sweetie!
  • He's SUPER ticklish! It's the funniest thing. This is when we get the big, full laughs.
  • He's becoming more picky when it comes to eating...there are days when he won't eat anything but snack food (crackers. granola bars, pretzels...) Oh, so frustrating!!
  • He has finally found a love of balls! And he has learned to throw them now, instead of just handing it to us when we tell him to throw. He sometimes kicks it around too. So cute!
  • He also has started loving stuffed animals. He loves his Zebra from his Nana Tolton and will go find him whenever we say "where's your zebra?" and he loves his Aggie teddy bear from Papa Tolton. He's been sleeping with him since he was a little baby. Now if we lay him down before handing him his bear, he will search his crib and reach for his teddy. I love it!
  • Logan has quite the temper...he gets super upset when he can't do something immediately. We have to tell him to calm down and try again and then he will do it. Like climbing on the couch... he can totally do it by himself, but if he can't do it on the first try, he will scream and look up at us for help. And since we are such good parents, we don't help and force him to figure it out. Haha!
  • To go along with his temper, if he doesn't want something he will flail both of his arms and throw it away from him and scream. I'm really hoping this will pass. Although it is's also very scary to think he could have an anger issue... (I'm joking obviously... :)) Andy and I think he is just so smart, that he gets frustrated when he can't do something right away or communicate efficiently. :)
  • Sometimes we have "picnics" in the living room if we don't feel like eating at the table. Logan LOVES it! He knows just what to do when I lay a blanket out. He'll turn around, back himself up, and plop down onto the blanket and wait for his food. Such a cutie! The only downfall to this is that he prefers picnics to his high chair sometimes...
  • He loves to point at everything and say "zis" as if he's asking "what's this?". We will say the name of it, and then he will point to something else. I can just imagine his little brain soaking it all in and storing it for later when he can talk.
  • Speaking of talking...he still only says "Dada". He can say nana, papa, and mama, but I feel like he really only know dada. If I point at a picture of Andy and I, he will say dada and point to Andy...and I get nothing. Just dada dada dada all day long. At least I know he loves his daddy. I'm not upset at all that he doesn't say mama... :)
Okay, here are some pictures of our summer so far. 

Loves to lay back and relax

Laying on his picnic blanket with Teddy and Zebra

Kids and dishwashers...what's the deal?

Logan's nickname is "T-Rex" because of the way he walks with his arms like a t-rex. So we took a picture by this t-rex statue. 

Not afraid of heights, apparently. He climbed up here by himself...

Just like daddy!

He loves to climb the steps up to our apartment. It's really convenient that he can do this whenever we go grocery shopping. I grab the groceries and tell him to go climb the steps. So nice!

Again with the climbing

Two buds just staring at the boat on the log

Logan's speedo. Haha!

He likes to think he is a big boy and can sit in a big chair for lunch...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

12 months for our little Boy

I can't believe this is going to be my last "monthly" post of our little Logan boy... This year has flown by, and he has just grown up so fast. We have loved every minute of it. It was so much fun to reminisce on April 25, 2014 what we were doing exactly one year ago. Logan probably thought we were all crazy when we cheered and clapped at 1:54 pm and said "Logan you were born!!! Yay!!!!" Everyone does this, right??

To think about the labor, the panic attacks, the sleepless nights, the nursing!!, the blowouts, teething, etc's definitely all worth it to have our little Logan alive and well and so dang happy! How can one little person bring so much joy to your heart?? I don't know about anyone else, but the day he turned one, it's like he just grew up overnight and became a little toddler. He's so smart and catches onto everything so fast. We have to watch what we teach him these days, because he will repeat it... like knocking on the bedroom wall between our rooms in the early morning because I did it one time during the day to entertain him until I finished getting dressed!

This last month was a busy one for our little guy. Here are some fun facts about Logan at 12 months:

  • Logan weighs 20 lbs (50%) and is 30 inches long (50%), his head is still holding steady in the 90th percentile at 19 inches
  • He's a climber. Ever since he's learned how to crawl up stairs, he thinks he can climb up onto everything. He still hasn't figured out how to go down backwards, so he slowly goes down face first...let's hope he learns soon!
  • Logan has fallen in love with his blanket. He finally decided that he was done being swaddled so now we just give him his blanket and he holds it in his little hands and rubs it against his face. It's the sweetest thing.
  • He's pretty sensitive about his hands...he doesn't often like both of his hands to be held when walking, and just trying to hold onto them for a second when playing, he will pull them away.
  • Logan loves to play catch. He will bring us the ball (still working on throwing), but he will, most of the time, put out his arms to catch. And he knows what it is, too. Just this morning I asked if he wanted to play catch and he looked around for a ball and brought it to me. Such a smarty pants!
  • He points to everything. It's pretty hard to tell what he wants, and what he wants is often what he shouldn't have.
  • He LOVES reading! He will bring books to us and get so mad if we don't read it right away. 
  • Logan is a little tease. He knows that when he is done with his sippy that he is supposed to give it to me or Andy. But when he is in his highchair, he will dangle his cup over the edge and look back at me and smile! I would ask him nicely to give it to me and then he would drop it. I soon learned that I needed to ignore him, so I ignored (and tried to hide my giggling), and now he doesn't do it anymore. I can't believe he knows to do that at one year old!
  • Logan loves to make animal noises. He doesn't know what he's doing yet, but I like to pretend he does. He loves to make a "hiss" sound like a snake and a "who who" sound like an owl.
  • Log is really good about "sharing" what he picks up. If he finds garbage or crumbs on the floor,  he will pick it up and hand it to me or Andy. It's really nice that he does that first before shoving it right in his mouth. 
  • For some reason, Logan loves to hold everything all in one hand. If we give him 2 slices of a sandwich, he will squish them in one hand. We were playing with dominoes and he had to have at least 3 in one hand, and trying to fit another! If we give him 2 of anything, he will immediately switch them to one hand. Silly guy.
  • He drinks his water or juice so well. Before he would maybe do a sip or two, and now he will usually drink a whole cup of juice or water. 
  • We've had to give Logan medicine for constipation and sometimes Tylenol or Gripe water... He LOVES it! We have never had a problem with giving him medicine. And he will usually lick his lips and look back at us for more. 
  • And last but not least... our boy is WALKING! He's pretty much walking all the time. If he falls, he will sometimes finish where he's going by crawling, but for the most part he'll stand back up and walk some more. It has been so much fun. Andy and I had a bet going if he would be walking by his birthday. Andy won... pretty unfortunate for me, but I'm really glad Log's walking.
Here are some pictures of Logan baby over the last month.

Still doesn't love his clothes. I found him like this in the morning.

Loves to splash around in water

Silly baby wouldn't crawl through this tunnel, but he would give me big smiles

Somehow crawled up into this tight space...he was not happy when he couldn't get out

Daddy reading him stories

We had a fun time taking bday pictures with balloons

Love his face!

This is our sleeping boy after a long birthday weekend

Still loves bathtime

12 month collage. So fun to see how he's changed