Thursday, October 29, 2009

We've been here a month!!

So we've been here a month already. That's crazy, time really flies when you sit on your butt all day watching hour after hour of tv... ya, right.

Well, Andy has had two interviews with two different companies. The first one was for a copier/office supply company and he didn't like that one at all. So that wasn't too big of a disappointment that he didn't pursue it much further. The other one was for a company called CED (Consolidated Electrical Distribution), he really liked the company and the thought of being able to take over his own profit center in 2 1/2 years...but apparently they only hire based on personality tests and Andy's test didn't match up perfectly to what they are looking for. A little frustrating, because you can't really judge everything on those tests. So Andy and I were a little sad about not getting that job, but we are still pushing forward and not giving up. Just tonight, Andy got invited to an awards dinner by his dad's Public Relations guy, and so he'll hopefully get some sweet hook-ups tonight.

As far as me, I wasn't having much luck at all with getting an interview. So I turned to a company called Business Careers, who specialize in placing Receptionist/Administration jobs. I met with two different ladies and they both said that I had a great personality and that I was really's nice to get those compliments, it really boosts my self-confidence because it was getting pretty low after not hearing back about jobs. So anyway, I got a call from one of the ladies and she has an interview for me, next Tuesday with a Farmer's Insurance agent. I'm really looking forward to that and I hope that all goes well and we'll hopefully be able to have some sort of an income soon...Ha ha!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Seattle here we come!!

When Andy graduated from USU in July there weren't too many job opportunities available. I had my job at Farm Bureau that I was loving and he had taken over as Manager at USU surplus. We got great benefits, but Andy wasn't very happy. He wasn't doing what he loved and as he said "I got dumber every day I worked there". After a few long talks and lots of prayer we decided that we needed to move to a place of opportunity, which in our case was Seattle, Washington. It was hard to tell my family and friends that we were leaving, but we knew what we were doing was the best choice for us.
On October 1st, Andy's parents kindly took us in until we can get settled with new jobs and find our own place. I've really enjoyed getting to know the in-law's better.