Monday, December 31, 2012

It's a.....

Andy and I had our big ultrasound on Friday, December 21st, just a day before we headed out to Utah for Christmas. The nurse/doctor (ultrasound lady??) said that everything looks "beautiful" and I couldn't hear that word enough. It made me so happy to hear that our little baby was developing and growing at a perfect rate and that there isn't anything to worry about. I tend to get a little bit paranoid about these things...I read or hear things that can go wrong with babies and I assume that it will happen to my baby. I should probably get over this soon!!

Well, after checking his bones, heart, kidneys, etc. the ultrasound lady headed down south (or wherever the baby was) to get a good look at the private parts. Immediately when she pointed it down, there was the legs and there was the little pee-pee! He's ALL BOY! Andy was very proud of him (that's really odd to say, huh?) Boys and their "pee-pee" proudness, I guess. Anyway, so there you have it. We are having a boy! Our due date changes with every ultrasound, so now we are on May 3rd. Our little guy is growing and growing and I can feel him moving around a little bit more (depends on the day). I think I've started feeling a few kicks, instead of just a small flutter. But sometimes it's so hard to tell what it is that I'm feeling.

I know, just what everyone wants to see... but hey, some people actually do want to see. So here you go. :)
Andy and I are so excited to have a little boy! Sometimes it's just crazy to think about...and when we had a baby shower in Utah (more about that later), we got so many clothes and baby things, it was just all too unreal. Now we need to start turning my craft room into the nursery so that we can have somewhere to put all of our baby boy stuff.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Halfway there...

20 weeks and 2 days!!
Well hello there! I thought I would post a little something-something on here, seeing as how I'm 20 WEEKS ALONG!!! How did that time go by so fast? I remember thinking of all of the other ladies I know who are pregnant and further along than me, and I thought that there is no way I would ever reach this point...time just seemed to be dragging. And now I'm here! Halfway! Wahooooo!

Okay, enough excitement. So I wore this outfit to work yesterday and decided that it REALLY showed off the baby belly. Kind of made me happy because I'm reaching the stage where I'm not just "fat", I'm "pregnant fat"; and I'm okay with that! I've bought a few maternity pants, because I just about die if I try to wear anything else. I've been that way for quite a while now, but am just now spending the money on maternity pants. Most of my shirts still fit and look decent, and hopefully if I don't get super fat, then I can just wear my normal shirts and have them be tight and then I'll look so cute with just baby bump...we'll see if I can be one of those lucky mama's.

I still haven't really had any weird cravings...just food, in general. I've had heartburn off and on, and it's super annoying. I read that can last all through pregnancy...Yay! I cough a lot, that's probably because of the heartburn. Drinking water gives me heartburn, makes it difficult to want to drink 64 oz. a day! A few weeks back I was having difficulty sleeping. My hips and my butt would hurt no matter what position I was in and I woke up every few hours. But I've been sleeping like a baby for the past two weeks or so. No hip or butt pain at all! I even bought a butt cushion for work so that would help with it, and I really think it has been helping. My hair seems to be falling out, like normal, but I was really hoping the prenatal pills would help that problem. Last week I was having "round ligament pain" and it was freaking me out - big time! I just kept having this dull, achy feeling to the left of my belly button. And it would get worse and worse the more active I was. So I went in to see my doctor because it had been happening for about a week, and they reassured me that it was just the round ligament pain. It's crazy how you can feel such weird things, and you just have to be okay with it and know that it's normal... While I was at the doctor, they tested my pee, as they do, and they said that I might have a UTI - but apparently it's hard to get a nice clean sample from a pregnant woman. And I don't think I have one, because I'm not having any symptoms. Anyway...hopefully not!

I'm trying to think of what other symptoms I've been having... I really don't think I've been too moody. Although, I was holding back tears while trying to sing along to "Silver Bells" the other morning...that was weird, because that's not even a sad/touching song!

Okay, on to the most exciting part!!!!! I FELT THE BABY!!! I was sitting at work and I felt this weird feeling in the area below my stomach, I assumed that's where my bladder is??? Anyway, so I was just wondering that maybe I did have an UTI and that's what I was feeling. And then I had a little realization that no, THAT'S MY BABY!! She (we are calling it a "she" this week) just wanted to say hi to her mama! Oh my gosh, it was so awesome. I told Andy that I'm glad most people know I'm pregnant and that it was a quiet day at work anyway, so that anyone walking by didn't think I was a huge dork for tearing up with a huge smile on my face! I've felt her a few times since that day, just little flutters here and there. I can't wait until she wiggles more and more. And I also can't wait until Andy can feel her moving! I think he's a little jealous right now that he can't feel her...poor guy.

We have our big Ultrasound appointment on Friday!! I can't wait. I'm really hoping that this baby will cooperate and show us the goods (or lack thereof) so that we know what it is FINALLY! I'm really excited that we get to find out right before we go to Utah, because then I can tell family and friends in person what we're having. It's so much more fun that way.

Okay, well I think that's enough for today. I'm sure I'll put up another post after Christmas. :)