Tuesday, April 29, 2014

12 months for our little Boy

I can't believe this is going to be my last "monthly" post of our little Logan boy... This year has flown by, and he has just grown up so fast. We have loved every minute of it. It was so much fun to reminisce on April 25, 2014 what we were doing exactly one year ago. Logan probably thought we were all crazy when we cheered and clapped at 1:54 pm and said "Logan you were born!!! Yay!!!!" Everyone does this, right??

To think about the labor, the panic attacks, the sleepless nights, the nursing!!, the blowouts, teething, etc etc...it's definitely all worth it to have our little Logan alive and well and so dang happy! How can one little person bring so much joy to your heart?? I don't know about anyone else, but the day he turned one, it's like he just grew up overnight and became a little toddler. He's so smart and catches onto everything so fast. We have to watch what we teach him these days, because he will repeat it... like knocking on the bedroom wall between our rooms in the early morning because I did it one time during the day to entertain him until I finished getting dressed!

This last month was a busy one for our little guy. Here are some fun facts about Logan at 12 months:

  • Logan weighs 20 lbs (50%) and is 30 inches long (50%), his head is still holding steady in the 90th percentile at 19 inches
  • He's a climber. Ever since he's learned how to crawl up stairs, he thinks he can climb up onto everything. He still hasn't figured out how to go down backwards, so he slowly goes down face first...let's hope he learns soon!
  • Logan has fallen in love with his blanket. He finally decided that he was done being swaddled so now we just give him his blanket and he holds it in his little hands and rubs it against his face. It's the sweetest thing.
  • He's pretty sensitive about his hands...he doesn't often like both of his hands to be held when walking, and just trying to hold onto them for a second when playing, he will pull them away.
  • Logan loves to play catch. He will bring us the ball (still working on throwing), but he will, most of the time, put out his arms to catch. And he knows what it is, too. Just this morning I asked if he wanted to play catch and he looked around for a ball and brought it to me. Such a smarty pants!
  • He points to everything. It's pretty hard to tell what he wants, and what he wants is often what he shouldn't have.
  • He LOVES reading! He will bring books to us and get so mad if we don't read it right away. 
  • Logan is a little tease. He knows that when he is done with his sippy that he is supposed to give it to me or Andy. But when he is in his highchair, he will dangle his cup over the edge and look back at me and smile! I would ask him nicely to give it to me and then he would drop it. I soon learned that I needed to ignore him, so I ignored (and tried to hide my giggling), and now he doesn't do it anymore. I can't believe he knows to do that at one year old!
  • Logan loves to make animal noises. He doesn't know what he's doing yet, but I like to pretend he does. He loves to make a "hiss" sound like a snake and a "who who" sound like an owl.
  • Log is really good about "sharing" what he picks up. If he finds garbage or crumbs on the floor,  he will pick it up and hand it to me or Andy. It's really nice that he does that first before shoving it right in his mouth. 
  • For some reason, Logan loves to hold everything all in one hand. If we give him 2 slices of a sandwich, he will squish them in one hand. We were playing with dominoes and he had to have at least 3 in one hand, and trying to fit another! If we give him 2 of anything, he will immediately switch them to one hand. Silly guy.
  • He drinks his water or juice so well. Before he would maybe do a sip or two, and now he will usually drink a whole cup of juice or water. 
  • We've had to give Logan medicine for constipation and sometimes Tylenol or Gripe water... He LOVES it! We have never had a problem with giving him medicine. And he will usually lick his lips and look back at us for more. 
  • And last but not least... our boy is WALKING! He's pretty much walking all the time. If he falls, he will sometimes finish where he's going by crawling, but for the most part he'll stand back up and walk some more. It has been so much fun. Andy and I had a bet going if he would be walking by his birthday. Andy won... pretty unfortunate for me, but I'm really glad Log's walking.
Here are some pictures of Logan baby over the last month.

Still doesn't love his clothes. I found him like this in the morning.

Loves to splash around in water

Silly baby wouldn't crawl through this tunnel, but he would give me big smiles

Somehow crawled up into this tight space...he was not happy when he couldn't get out

Daddy reading him stories

We had a fun time taking bday pictures with balloons

Love his face!

This is our sleeping boy after a long birthday weekend

Still loves bathtime

12 month collage. So fun to see how he's changed

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