Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby Shower

When we were in Utah for Christmas, my sweet sister and mom decided to throw a baby shower for me. I was so excited because I really didn't think I would get one since we don't live near my family. I was so happy to see everybody that came...and to open all of baby Logan's presents! Everyone was so sweet and sooo giving. We had to borrow a HUGE suitcase from mom and dad in order to get everything home! So THANK YOU everyone!! Here are a few pictures of the party:
Sweet mama and sister. Thanks ladies for the shower!!

Mobile that my mom and dad made for Logan

Close ups - look at those cute little faces!!

Mobile and beanie that Meg made

Huge pile of stuff that we got for Logan. Thank you!!!

Probably my 3 favorite presents... 3 of the exact same outfits, but all different sizes 

Logan will be able to wear his favorite monkey shirts from birth to 1 year old!!

L.O.V.E this coat that Jan bought for Logan. He will look so "classy". Thanks Jan!!

Linds made me this awesome nursing cover and Moby-style wrap. Can't wait to use them!
And I realized I didn't get any pictures of actual people from the shower, so thanks Jan for these pictures (glad it's so easy to steal pictures from other peoples blogs)
Realizing that we got another Silly Monkey outfit. So awesome!
Cute picture of me and my girls. Last picture we will get to take for 18 months!! Miss you Whitty-poo!
Whit made me this shirt to remember her up in Canada. So cute! Thanks Whit!
Note the "eh?" where baby Logan is. :)
And I couldn't resist putting up this picture of Aidyn...he was loving that 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper. He kept trying to carry it up the ramp, but it was too heavy. Haha!
Look at that face!

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  1. I love that you are going to keep all three of those outfits. We were dying when you opened all three of those and they were the exact same. I want to see pictures of Logan's room when you get everything hung up.