Monday, February 18, 2013

Third Trimester!!

29 weeks!
Am I really writing a post about my Third Trimester already??? Where does the time go when you are pregnant?

I'm stealing this from McKenzie's blog because I think it's the cutest little questionnaire. :) Thanks McKenzie!

How far along? 29 weeks

Maternity clothes? Oh yes! I actually just bought my first pair of maternity jeans this week...and they are HEAVEN SENT!! 

Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty well...and all the time! I still wake up about 3 times a night  to go pee.

Best moment this week: Hmm...getting my maternity jeans. No joke!

Food cravings: Homemade sugar cookies, Pho, Cookies & Cream milkshake, cheese enchiladas

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope! I eat EVERYTHING!

Gender: It's a BOY!

Name: Logan (still deciding on middle name)

Symptoms: Swelling all the time! Heartburn like crazy! Tired Tired Tired!

Belly Button in or out? It's kind of inbetween. The top of it kind of sticks out and then the rest is still in. Kinda strange.

Wedding rings on or off? It's on...for now. But the minute I get home, it is off! I try to blame this on the swelling...but it's very possible it's just fat. :)

Attitude: Ugh... I have my moments. Last Sunday I was an emotional wreck, tears forming the minute I even thought about my "fat" body. Other than that, I think I've been pretty calm (but you might want to ask Andy this question?)

Looking forward to: Painting the baby's room. I just moved out most of my craft stuff, so now we can start painting soon! Yay!

I have a funny story about the picture up top. The shirt I'm wearing is definitely not a maternity shirt. It was nice and comfy on my belly...but oh boy, was it way too tight on my boobs! I lasted about half of the day at work with no problems...but then I bent down to sit in a chair and bam, the v-neck part rips about an inch. It would have been fine if I was alone, but no, I was testing out a chair so the sales rep was standing over me and showing me how to use the chair. I had to pretend that she did not hear the rip and that she couldn't see that it had ripped. Which is so impossible that she didn't notice because we were talking about me being pregnant, and staring at my belly the whole time. Oh man! So then right before I leave for the day...I bend down one more time and rips again! Good thing I was headed home. I'm super bummed because it was such a cute shirt and my belly looked so cute in it...oh well!
New maternity jeans!
We've been trying to get the baby's room all organized, and the first step was to find a new home for my craft supplies. The dining room seemed like the obvious choice (right? because, who eats in their dining room these days...), so we had to buy some sort of shelf to hold everything. I found one I really liked, and it was cheap, so obviously we had to put it together ourselves. Andy was not very happy about that, because he always has to put together our furniture. But not this time! He was at his friends house (playing video games like they do) and I surprised him by putting it together myself! Here's Logan and I working hard "building" a shelf. 

Getting a shot like this...harder than you would think!


  1. Kell! You're looking super cute! Not fat at all. I love that story BTW. Ha! I can just imagine it.

  2. I love that you finally got some jeans! They are the best! I can't wait until I look cute like you and not just like I have gained a little weight. So funny story I have always wanted to rip a shirt like that, but never been big enough to. You just lived my dream. haha.

  3. Funny story! Kellie you look super cute and I love your clothes!