Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Logan's Baby Blessing

I can't believe Logan's blessing day was 3 months ago already! And I'm just now getting around to posting about it...

We were so blessed to have so much family and friends attend his blessing. My parents flew in for it, and that was really nice to have them here. His day was very special and Andy did such a great job with the blessing. It definitely brought me to tears, and one part specifically. I remember Andy blessing Logan to be a good big brother, an example and a protector to other siblings that will come in the future. I think that touched me so much because I look up to my oldest brother, Richie, so much. He is the ultimate "big brother". I mean, all of my brothers are wonderful, but Rich is the biggest big brother. He has always been such an example to me, and I'm so grateful every day for those few years that we got to spend together when everyone else was out of the house. So I just imagine my little Logan being like Rich to his siblings, and it just means so much to me.

I really wanted to write down Log's blessing, but I also wanted to just enjoy it in the moment. So I was a little disappointed that we didn't get it in writing. But a few weeks after the blessing, a guy from our ward handed Andy a piece of paper and it was Logan's blessing! He said that he often writes the baby blessings down and gives it to the parents. I started crying when Andy told me about it. It was amazing!

Here are some things that were said in his blessing:

"We bless you:

  • To know that you are loved always by your parents and by your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
  • That you will feel their Spirit and follow their example. 
  • With love for your fellow brothers & sisters.
  • To be able to do the things that Heavenly Father would have you do.
  • To know that your parents will always love you no matter what you do.
  • That as our family grows, you will love those that follow, that they will look to you as an example and follow you, and that they will see you as a protector and look up to you.
  • You are a special spirit"
My favorite parts are when Andy blesses him to know that we will always love him no matter what he does. That's something we have always talked about, that no matter what choices our son makes, we will love him and support him. And again, that he will be an example and a protector to his siblings that might come in the future. I feel like Andy was very inspired to say those words and I am so grateful for the gentleman in our ward that wrote these words down so that Logan can read them one day.

We had a little get together at the house after the blessing. Of course we had way too much food, but the decorations were really cute. Yes, I did decorations for a baby blessing... Andy makes fun of me that I went so overboard with it, but it was cute and I enjoyed it. :)

Baby blessings have always made me cry, even when it's just some random person in a random ward we might be attending. I just love these sweet little spirits that are so close to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It's such a blessing to be his mama.

I'm really bummed that we didn't get very good pictures from his special day, but here are a few.

It's just a little bit too big... ha!
Wow, is this what I really looked like after being a mom for a month?

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