Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy 5 Year Anniversary

I realized that I really haven't done a normal post, that isn't all about Logan since he was born. I got to thinking that although I LOVE doing a post just once a month about my little boy, there are so many other wonderful things happening in our lives that I want to write about and remember.

I love this photo collage. It shows the whole beginning of our relationship. First night we met, first date, engagement, and our wedding day. 
Like... 5 years of marriage to the greatest man on earth! (Oh gosh, here I go with the tears already). I have been so excited about this anniversary, well EVERY anniversary, but especially this one. I've been thinking about it for an entire year and deciding what HUGE thing we were going to do. Andy and I switch off planning every year, and so it was my turn. I knew that we would have a 3 month old and so obviously we couldn't do anything too big, but I really wanted to make the day all about us. That's one thing that Andy and I have been adamant about; we always want our anniversary to be all about us. August 9, 2008 is where it all began for us as a family and we don't want it to just turn into any regular day. We always want to make it special. Anyway... so I knew that it would be hard to do that with a baby, but my mind was working trying to figure out a way. My original plan was to have Andy's parents take Logan for the night while we stayed in a hotel downtown Seattle, got roomservice, and just spend all night together. Then the next day we would meet up with his parents and go to the Mariner's game. Sounds great, right? Well, things changed once we had the little guy and I stopped working. Hotels are sooo expensive! And Log wasn't sleeping through the night yet, so I didn't want to have the in-laws worry about that.

I kept thinking of ways we could make it work...and after discussing with Andy, I realized it just wasn't going to happen this year. I decided to just make reservations at a super nice restaurant and call it a night. But Andy brought up an idea that was way more fun, and more us! We bought tickets to the Mariner's game the night of our anniversary. It also happened to be a Fireworks night and a night celebrating Ken Griffey Jr. being  inducted into the Mariner's Hall of Fame. Ken Griffey Jr. is Andy's favorite baseball player, so it was really neat to be there for that.

Andy works from home on Fridays, so I decided to make a yummy Anniversary breakfast of french toast and bacon and the most delicious chocolate milk. Then we just spent all day together hanging out and playing with Logan. Andy's parents came over later to watch Logan, and Andy and I headed to the game. The weather was great, our seats were great, and we just got to enjoy being together. The game was not great...we lost like 10 - 2 or something. But who cares, we still made it fun.

Andy was so cute when we first got to the ballpark. We walked in and I noticed a sign that said "Anniversary/Birthday" and then all of a sudden Andy said "Uh, I need to go get something". So at that point I knew that he had put an Anniversary message on the board, but I tried to play dumb and let him think I was surprised. :) It was kind of hard since it took forever for his message to finally show. But it was super sweet and I totally didn't expect it when we first bought the tickets.

It was so much fun to have a night off from being "mom and dad" and just be "husband and wife" for a few hours. Nana and Papa said that Logan was a great baby for them, so that made me super happy. I think that we will have to use them again when we want to go on another date. And I'm hoping that we make a better habit of it, instead of just waiting for our anniversary to come around each year. :)

The past 5 years have been amazing, sometimes hard, but still always worth it. Marriage is work, but that just makes it better knowing that you've worked so hard to make something so great. I love Andy more and more every day. I love the wonderful husband that he has always been. I am crazy, I'll admit it, and he puts up with me with so much patience and love. He is such a great dad to our little baby boy. I love watching them play together; I have a smile on my face the entire time. Happy Anniversary honey, can't wait for more years to come. I Love You!!

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