Wednesday, October 2, 2013

5 months for our little man

Logan boy is 5 months old!! I know everyone says that time just flies by...and I've felt that in the past, but this last month I think I've really just relaxed and focused 100% on my little boy and enjoyed every moment of it. I know I can't always do that, but I'm so glad for the days where I can just take it slow and soak it all up. I'm seriously so grateful that I can stay home with him. Andy is the best husband and daddy, working so hard to make it possible. Thanks honey!!!

I've had so much fun this last month with the little guy. It's been so fun to see him gain new skills and be able to play with him more and more. We love to make him laugh, and he laughs ALL THE TIME! He still loves people and doesn't seem to mind too much being passed around. He will always give whoever he sees a great big smile.

Some fun things about Logey at 5 months:
  • I'm not sure how long he is, or how much he weighs...I don't feel like he's grown that much from last month, seeing as how he still fits into his 3 months clothes. So we will see in a few weeks at his next check-up how big he's gotten.
  • He's finally mastered rolling from his back to his belly. It's so cute to watch! Andy had mentioned that he saw him do it once, and I was so jealous because I hadn't seen it. I knew he could do it, because I would find him on his tummy after I left the room for a second, but I never witnessed it. So for a few days I just watched and watched him so intently and I finally got to see it! It was so cute. Now the problem is...he really does not like being on his tummy anymore. Sad day.
  • He's started noticing his toes, and likes to grab at them. He does not try to eat them, yet.
  • Logan cranes his neck and back like crazy these days! I don't know what it is...maybe he's just more alert and realized that there are things behind him and he really wants to see. I don't know, but it makes feeding time pretty interesting 
  • Poor Logey had his first cold a few weeks ago. There was one rough night where he couldn't sleep and ended up sleeping in our bed. He woke up once every hour and we just had to cuddle him back to sleep and he was okay. Luckily, it didn't last longer than a week and very lucky that he was still his sweet smiley self during the day.
  • He cannot get enough of his hands! He likes to play with them and then loves to suck on them. We swear he's going to pop a tooth any minute, but nothing ever shows up. 
  • He is sitting on his own!! He's still wobbly, but he is definitely doing it. It's so much fun!
  • Log likes to sleep on his side, well he did until I decided to start swaddling his arms again. It was so cute to find him in the morning laying on his side just snoozing away. But one night he was having a hard time going back to sleep so I decided to put him in his swaddler, and he slept from 11 pm to 7 am, no interruptions!! Now he's in a swaddle sleep sack, and definitely sleeps longer, but not as long as that one fluke night. One of these days he will decide that he can go through the night without eating...
  • Logan seems to LOVE ducks! I've mentioned how he loves his little duck "lovey", but one day as I was going through sounds on my phone, I came across a duck quacking and he laughed! I played every other noise and he couldn't have cared less, but every time I played the quack he would smile and laugh. So cute!
  • Logan has always been really good about getting woken up from his naps. I know everyone says "don't wake a sleeping baby", but Logan seriously never minded. Well, now he does! There's been a few times where he's had to be woken up early and he starts crying and is so sad. Luckily, I'm able to get him back to sleep pretty quickly.
  • He loves to pat everything. There was one night when he was snuggling with Andy and his little hand was just patting him the whole time. He loves to pat the bottle when he's eating, loves to reach up and pat our faces. 
  • He's starting to laugh at peek-a-boo. Can't wait to play more games with him when he's older.
  • Logan has tried a few solid foods. We tried avocado slices first, and he did not enjoy it. I tried mashing them and feeding to him on a spoon and he liked that even less. We tried apple slices and he LOVED that. He held it in his little hand and sucked on it for quite a while. But when I tried thanks! Peaches are no good - which was so surprising because I had a slice and it was possibly the most delicious peach I'd had in a while. :) He loves bananas, too! I tricked him once and put a banana and an avocado in one of those mesh feeders and he really liked it! I love trying new foods with him! He's had a few sips of water and he sometimes swallows it. Ha! 
Here are a few pictures of the big guy:

Out for a walk around the Arboretum

Haha, love these daddy/son imitation pictures

Chubby chubby cheeks 

Laying on my legs just relaxing

Sitting up like a big boy during his bath

This is the only thing that will keep him happy during tummy time

I propped him up on these pillows while I changed the laundry...came back to him sleeping. Ha ha!

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