Sunday, December 1, 2013

7 months old

Logan boy has moved into his 7 month! This last month has just flown by, and as usual, I am still loving every minute I get to spend with this little guy. This last month hasn't been a huge one for milestones...he's just getting better at the things he's already been doing.

Fun facts about Logan at 7 months:
  • He's clapping really well and even claps when we tell him to clap. Andy has a song for him that he sings and Logan will clap along. It goes like this "Clap Clap Clap your hands, for Daddy, for Daddy". It's really cute. Andy has always been so good at coming up with random little rhymes/songs; it's so fun to see Logan react to them.
  • When we put him to down to sleep, he immediately rolls to his side, and then will eventually get onto his tummy (which thankfully he does not hate anymore...). It's so cute to find him in the morning, broken free from his swaddle and laying on his tummy. He will often has his binky, his blanket, or his duck lovey in his mouth and stare at me with a big smile.
  • Logan LOVES his binky! If we put it anywhere near him just on the ground, even a midst his toys, he will go for the binky. He likes to just play with it and chew on it. It's pretty cute. The other morning I went in to check on him and I noticed his binky had fallen on to the ground. He was sound asleep so I just picked it up and put it back in his crib. When Andy went in later to get him up, he had his binky in his mouth. Ha! I love when he just finds his binky in his crib and puts it in his own mouth.
  • He's still eating really well. He'll try anything we give him and rarely spits it back out. He's loving sweet potatoes right now, in any form - fries, cubes, or mashed.
  • Logan is SOOO close to crawling! For the longest time, when we put him on his tummy he would just kick his legs up and flail his arms, balancing on his belly. Obviously that would get him no where. :) Then he started rolling from his belly to his back to reach something. Now he can pivot in a circle, no big deal. But when we try to get him to go forward...he usually ends up scooching backward. Ha! Just yesterday he decided that if he twists his body enough to the side and gets one leg up, then he can move forward a little. So day by day, he's improving. Maybe by the end of this week he'll be crawling. 
Andy and I are still doing great. Andy has to go to Las Vegas for 4 days this week (boo!) for a conference. Logan's really good when he's gone, so I'm not too worried, but we always miss him of course. I am busy trying to plan for Christmas this year. I need to get the house decorated and figure out presents for everyone. I might venture a solo trip to downtown Seattle this week (for my 2nd time ever...) for some shopping, we will see. 

We had a nice Thanksgiving at Andy's parents house. I used to not really care for Thanksgiving food, but now I really look forward to it. It's the one time a year that I get mashed potatoes, because Andy doesn't like them so I never make them. It's always nice to spend time with family. We've been doing a lot of that lately and it's been really fun. Nana and Papa Tolton love to babysit Logan so Andy and I get to go out on date nights fairly often. The last one we had, we went to a really nice restaurant with friends and enjoyed some yummy steak and free dessert! We tried to catch a movie after, but it was all sold out. Hopefully next date night...because man do I miss seeing movies in the theater!

Here are a few pictures of baby Logan from the last month.

Logan eating some prunes (he's got a bit of a digestion problem, poor buddy) Good thing he likes prunes, I guess

Helping me with laundry

Andy likes to lay in Logan's lap. Sometimes Logan puts up with it.

Cool new shoes!

Quite the stylish baby

Cute Santa hat I saw in the store. It was $20 so I just took a picture of him wearing it instead of buying it.

Trying to get him to crawl to me...with chalk... I always tell him that he can have whatever he can crawl to. :) Good thing he can't really crawl yet...

This is his signature tummy move. Legs up, arms flailing, and balancing on his belly.

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