Friday, January 3, 2014

8 months

Our little guy is 8 months old. It was very fun to celebrate his 8 months on Christmas day this year. He is such a little sweetheart, as always, and getting more and more personality.

Fun things about Logan at 8 months:

  • Logan loves to stand! He is so strong and if you put him up against anything he will stand forever!
  • He is getting close to pulling himself up. I will grab his hands when he's on his belly, and he will get himself up to his knees and then will get himself up to standing position, just by pulling on my hands. But he won't really do anything when he's against any other object, except sit on his knees and smile. 
  • In the last 2 days Logan has started getting closer to crawling "normal" on his knees. It's super cute and we are proud of him, but I miss his wormy swim move...
  • He continues to love food, especially Cheerios and Chex. I think he would eat it all day long if I didn't limit him. He's still not a fan of mushy foods, like avocados, but hopefully we'll get there soon.
  • Logan is getting his third tooth. It's on the bottom, one of the back ones - I don't know that it would be a molar, but I'm not sure. It sure is making him cranky though!
  • Logan's hair is getting a little bit longer in the back, and it's curly! He always has a little wing flipping out on his right side. I love it!
  • He still loves to clap and is getting better at giving low and high fives.
  • Logan LOVES LOVES LOVES his daddy! I think he could be in the middle of crying, and one look at his daddy will have him cracking up laughing. It's the funniest thing...unless it's bedtime and he's supposed to be sleeping, but instead he's laughing and smiling up at his daddy. You can't really complain about that though.
  • Log is becoming a bit of a mama's boy... I don't know how I feel about this. I love that he loves me, but I don't really want him to cry every time I leave the room. But Andy's really good about not giving in to it, so that will hopefully help. 
  • We always say that Logan snuggles with mama and laughs with daddy, which is fun, until I want an instant smile and Andy wants a snuggle...sometimes he'll switch it up to please us. 
  • He is still friendly as ever to complete strangers (and family/friends he doesn't see very often). He always gives big smiles and shows off his beautiful blue eyes. 
  • He seems to be growing...his 3-6 and 6 month clothes are getting a little bit more snug, but they definitely still fit. I often wonder if he is growing, it's so hard to tell! 
  • Logan is very ticklish on the back of his neck. Andy will kiss and kiss his neck and Logan scrunches up and just laughs. He puts up his hand like he's trying to stop it. So cute!
I think that's about it for this past month. Here are some cute pictures of the little guy. 
Logan's first snow. He wasn't so sure about touching it.

Helping me vacuum. He gets a little scared of the loud noise sometimes.

Logan showing off his tunnel he made from his book.

Playing peek-a-boo with me

All dressed up for Christmas

Logan's awesomely cute dinosaur tail from Aunt Megan. I have to take it off when he wants to roll, but I love putting it on him. 

Sweet smiley boy

Eating his yummy waffles

Andy likes to trap Logan and cuddle him

Our big boy clapping and smiling

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