Saturday, March 29, 2014

11 months old

Our little one is 11 months old! I feel like this last month he has just grown a ton. I'm almost thinking about not calling him "my baby", who am I kidding. I'm sure I will call him that the rest of his life. Poor kid. He's still so funny and cracks us up all the time, but he's also been such a grumpy mama's boy. Andy and I both hope this phase ends quickly.

Here are some fun things about Logan at 11 months:

  • At the beginning of the month Logan was saying "mama" all the time, but especially when it was time to eat. I think he thinks that mama means food...which in a way, I guess it does. But he's taking a break from saying mama and dada, we haven't heard it in a while.
  • He loves to be chased around. He will crawl away so fast, but then all of a sudden stop and sit up and face us. So funny.
  • Logan would probably be a nudist if he could. He's started trying to take off his clothes, and pushes his shirts away when we try to put them over his head. I'm okay with it sometimes, because I love to see his chubby, rolly-polly body.
  • He is standing all by himself for several seconds!
  • He has started to walk with us only holding one of his little hands.
  • He has also started crawling up stairs. His record is six!
  • Logan is not a big fan of the sun...whenever we are driving and it gets in his eyes he gets pretty darn frustrated. Poor baby, good thing we live in Seattle.
  • Logan loves to brush his teeth. Sometimes I have to fight him to take his toothbrush away.
  • His favorite fruit lately is kiwi (Jan, I thought you might like that. :))
  • He has started pushing things around on the floor - cars, books, dvd cases...anything that slides easily.
  • We've had to start setting some limits on things he can and cannot touch. The TV has been a big issue lately, but he's pretty good at stopping when we say "no no" and "no please". Should we be saying "please"? Is it really a request?? Oh well, always good to be polite I guess. :)
  • Logan loves to say "ah ah ah" while putting his hand in front of his mouth. I think it started out with us teaching him to blow kisses, but this is much more fun. 
  • He is starting to try to feed himself. He gets pretty frustrated when I don't give him the spoon. But sometimes I just don't feel like cleaning up a huge mess...but I suppose I'll have to get over it so that he can learn. 
We are having so much fun with our little man and can't wait until we get to celebrate his birthday in a month! How did that come up so fast!?!

First time riding on daddy's shoulders

Love when he falls asleep cuddling with Andy

One of the few times I set him free to play with his food

Pure joy!

Cute little climber

Reading his favorite book

Getting stuck 

I think he's saying that he is done taking these monthly pictures!

Babies and hymn books...

Eating his noodles

Crawling under anything he can

Playing with daddy

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