Monday, February 3, 2014

9 months old!

Our little rascal is 9 months old! I thought for sure it would be weird once he hit 9 months, thinking that he's been out of my belly for as long as he was in...but really, it's not that weird. I think the only weird thing is how fast the time has gone and I can't believe I'm already thinking about his 1st birthday party (yes, yes 3 months in advance).

I was really worried that this post was going to be somewhat of a "negative" post. This has probably been the most trying month that we've had with the little guy. He has become so very needy (probably due to all of his teeth coming in). I feel like I can't go two steps away from him without him chasing me down and demanding to be held. Some babies have to be held 24/7 when they are newborns...apparently our baby needs to be held 24/7 when he is 9 months old! It's been hard, but I'm learning to just enjoy it because one day soon, he will stop and probably won't want to be held as much. There were a few days when he was first learning to pull himself up that were VERY frustrating. It would take about an hour or more to put him down for a nap because he would stand up, get stuck, I'd lay him back down, he'd stand up, get stuck, fall and hit his head, I'd comfort and lay him back down, he'd stand get the picture... it was ROUGH, to say the least. But we solved that problem for the most part with lowering his crib. It's awful for me because I have to stand on a stool and can still barely reach to lay him down, but it's totally worth it to have him go to sleep right away (most of the time).

Okay, enough of my venting. Here are some really fun things that Logan has been doing at 9 months. We are so proud of our little boy for growing up and learning more and more every day.

  • I told Andy the first thing I would put on here is that he is saying "dada". Obviously right now he's just saying the sounds, but soon enough he will associate it with his daddy. I can't wait for that day! I don't even mind that he said "dada" first. I LOVE it!
  • We had his 9 month check up and he is 19 lbs and 28 inches long (those are estimates, the paper is in his room... and there is no way I'm going in there and risk waking him up. :))
  • As I said above, Log is pulling himself up on everything! He's such a strong little guy. I'm still trying to decide what his limits are, but for right now, he basically has no limits excepts cords and remotes. 
  • He's feeding himself so well. He can pick up his own little pieces of food and find his mouth, most of the time. 
  • Because of his ability to feed himself, he is definitely Mr. Independent when it comes to eating. Before, if you offered him food, he used to just open his mouth and wait for it. Now he has to be the one to feed himself.
  • Logan has 6 teeth! His top 2 teeth are growing in and it's so stinking cute! I love his toothy smile.
  • He has learned to put himself into a sitting position.
  • He also loves to sit on his knees and play.
  • Log LOVES bathtime! He will splash and laugh the whole time he's in there. He loves to look at himself in the drain thing and just smile. He likes to roll over onto his belly and kick and kick. We have a squirty fish toy and he loves to be squirted with it. 
  • He has started giving kisses! Aww this is my favorite! He gets easily distracted, so it's pretty rare when we get them. But if we can get his attention, we ask for a kiss and he opens up wide and leans in. One single kiss from him makes all of the hard times worth it!
  • Logan loves to touch peoples faces. And not just touch...he loves to claw and grab and scratch. During Sunday School, he reached up into my nose and scratched and gave me a bloody nose! I had to run to the bathroom and wait forever for it to stop. Pretty funny story!
As hard as this month has been at times, I wouldn't trade it for anything. It just means that our little guy is growing up. I can't get upset that he likes to stand, it's a big accomplishment for him and I'm sure he's so proud of himself. So we need to encourage it. Here are some pictures from the last month of our baby Logan.

He loves playing with daddy's birthday balloons


I pulled out his bouncer because I'm going to start watching a little baby girl in my ward one day a week. I thought it would be funny to see if Logan liked it. And he did!

Brushing his many teeth

Messy boy eating some tortellini

Playing on his knees. I love it!

His favorite snack...CHEERIOS

Swinging at the park on a sunny, but cold day

He somehow managed to climb onto the Lego basket to reach the TV. 

Playing with his big cousins at the Children's Museum

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  1. Hi Kellie, I just love your blog. It is so wonderful that you are doing this. I love seeing all the cute pictures and reading all of this. I love ANDY, YOU, and LOGAN SO MUCH!