Sunday, July 28, 2013

3 months already?!?

Here I go again... one month later and Logan is now 3 MONTHS OLD! The time has flown; I really don't think there have been 3 months in my whole entire life that have gone by this fast. It's so much fun to see Logan grow and develop more and more, yet he's still a little baby that needs his mama and daddy so much. I LOVE it!

I didn't have a doctor appointment for this month, so I'm not sure how much he weighs or his height. I kept meaning to measure him before I did this post, but I've got to take advantage of the time I have to actually write a post. :) Maybe once I finally weigh and measure him, I'll update it.

Here are a few things that Logan has accomplished this month:
  • Logan has moved into his own room! He's been in there about a week and a half and he really seems to be happy (which, in turn, makes mommy very happy!)
  • He's still waking up once or twice a night to eat...I'm hoping that will end once 4 months rolls around. But we will see.
  • Logan rolls over!!! Well...he has rolled over, a few times, at least. He will roll from his tummy to his back. The first time he rolled, Andy and I were both there. It was a lot of fun to watch him! He did it once, and then we put him right back on his tummy and he did it again. Now he's just done it a few times since then, but we still practice every day. 
  • He is able to grab his toys hanging down from his play mat and any other toys that we dangle in front of his face. He's finally grabbing and holding on to this cute football that I've wanted him to play with forever. 
  • Logan LOVES to giggle at my singing! The first time he did it, I was singing some 80's song after my morning workout. And for the most part, he only giggles when he's in his car seat (probably because that's when I'm being the goofiest so that he stays happy)
  • Logan has chosen a favorite snuggle buddy. For anyone who follows me on it is not his adorable giraffe (sad day). It is a cute little ducky blanket instead. It's still cute...but I really wanted him to love the giraffe. He smiles and grabs onto the duck so tight, there's no denying that he loves it. So I couldn't take it away and force the giraffe (as much as I wanted to...) :)
  • I was once told by someone that babies can start to teethe as young as two months and that a sure sign is tons of drool and obvious chomping, not just sucking. Logan has been drooling for a while, but he has recently started chomping on his fingers, and also has been a tiny bit grumpier, so I'm curious to see if there will be a little tooth pop out soon? 
I'm still enjoying being at home taking care of Logey. I have so much fun with him and love having play dates with his "friends". It's been especially nice for the last few weeks because the weather has been amazing, so we've been going outside a lot. I even have a bit of a tan. Yay! 

Andy and I finally figured out a budget this last month so I've been trying to do more meal planning, because I know that we will save a ton of money on groceries if I have actual plans. With meal planning comes actual cooking... I've really enjoyed cooking actually. I still follow recipes to the "t" and usually overcook my chicken (for fear of getting salmonella), but I'm slowly getting there. As much as Andy always says that he doesn't need big meals, that he could just eat peanut butter & honey sandwiches every night...I think he is enjoying home cooked meals (when they turn out...that is!)

Andy's really doing well at work, and upper management is noticing! He's gotten a few comp days for having to work so much, and also got a nice bonus for all of his hard work. He will be getting another raise in September that we are very excited about, as well. I am so proud of him every day. The thing I love the most is that he works so hard and is often stressed, but he doesn't bring it home. He comes home and just enjoys being with Logan and I. Don't get me wrong...he is often tired, but I'd rather him be a little tired than stressed and in bad moods all the time. I'm so appreciative of his hard work. I LOVE HIM!!!! :)

Alright, here are some pictures of our cute boy.
Mama and baby. I try to remember to get pictures of the two of us.

He looks so grown up with his hat on!

We were riding in the back of Papa Tolton's car. I think Logan liked having a buddy sitting next to him. He wouldn't stop smiling at me. I loved it!

I love his outfit and love how he sleeps!

Such a big boy sleeping in his own bed.


This is his cute football that he finally holds onto now.

Love Daddy/Baby time!

So strong!!
Logan was just chillin' here with Andy. It was so cute!

This was almost Logan's 3 month picture. Ha!


  1. Kellie, I think Logan looks a LOT like you! Especially that pic in the carseat. He is a cutie!

  2. Such a cute little guy who has an awesome Mom & Dad! Love my little nephew!