Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby Boy is 2 months old!

Such a chunker!
Our little guy is 2 months old! Wow! I am having so much fun staying at home with him. At times I am feeling a little bored. Andy always asks me if the laundry is done...haha! Doing laundry will not make me less bored, but I need something to do after all of the housework is done. :) Silly Andy. I've had a few playdates with friends from the ward and a few other friends. It's been a lot of fun to sit and visit and play with other babies and Logan.

Here are a few of Logan's accomplishments at 2 months:
  • He weighs 12 lbs 7 oz and is 23.4 inches long; still in the 75th percentile
  • He is a grunter!! He loves to wiggle and grunt during his sleep (at night only, of course!)
  • He's starting to lose a little bit of hair, I found quite a bit on his crib sheet the other night. From all of that wiggling, I suppose
  • He is so smiley! He is starting to respond to me talking a little bit with big smiles. I love it!
  • He loves to stare up and play with toys. He doesn't quite get his arms high enough to hit the toys, but he likes to look and play.
  • He wakes up usually no earlier than 3:00 am to eat; but if he wakes up at 4:00 or later...then he thinks he should be awake for the day and that I should play with him...he is mistaken!
  • He is enjoying tummy time more. He is so strong and starting to push up his chest a little bit. He holds his head up really well!
  • He loves to stand. It's my favorite thing because he just looks so cute and his face is always so precious when he stands. I love it!
Big standing boy
Logan's torticollis is all gone! His doctor said that his neck is perfectly straight and that his head is perfectly round. Oh my, that made me sooo sooo happy! We don't have to do his stretches anymore, which I know he'll be happy about. 

Guess what?!? I have been peed on!! TWICE IN ONE DAY! I should have known better really. I had just changed his diaper and was headed to the sink to give him a bath and he just peed all over my hand. I was glad that I at least had a wipe covering it. And then, after his bath, I was cuddling him all nakey (because I LOVE a naked baby) and I just felt a warm wet feeling on my belly. Awesome, baby! Haha! But hey, at least he hasn't squirt-peed on me (or in my mouth like someone I know!)

Big stretches and pursed lips. Love it!!

He slept like this for HOURS! I was in heaven.

Love this squishy Logan face

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