Friday, May 18, 2012

Catch up

I know it's been a few weeks, but I need to finally write about my race! I am definitely not excited to write about this race, for one - it wasn't very fun! And for two - pretty much every single picture of me is disgusting. AND I WILL NOT PUT DISGUSTING PICTURES OF ME ON MY BLOG. :)

So I didn't really prepare much for this race (as stated in my previous post) and I was really nervous! And at the last minute, my friend Michele decided that she didn't want to do it (which I'm okay with, because I really didn't want to force her!) I was able to sleep VERY well the night before, probably because I wasn't excited for this race like I was my last one. I woke up feeling refreshed, but just kind of down and not pumped up. I got all ready (no make-up this time, I learned my lesson last time) and we headed out. I told Andy and CJ to pump me up with some good music because I was just so nervous. So we played some good tunes on the car ride to Snoqualmie (like "We are Young" by fun.), seriously greatest song to pump me up!

We got to the high school and I still just couldn't shake my nerves. I stretched, ran around, did jumping jacks...and did the worst thing I could have possibly done - drank a Gatorade energy pack pump-up thing. They suggest you take it 15 prior to running and so I did...but I soon learned that I need to not drink or eat anything right before a race.

I'm a little concerned...

And here's my amazing husband. So wonderful and supportive.
There I was, starting my race. There were two mid-30's ladies running in front of me and they seemed to be at the same pace as I was. So my goal was to just stay behind them. Probably around mile 2...I had lost them. I mean, I could still see them...but I was not right behind them like I wanted to be. So I was kind of beating myself up the whole time while I was running; I was holding back the feeling of throwing up the whole time; my legs were burning, my tummy was gurgling... it just wasn't the greatest experience. I literally felt like I could not lift my feet another step.

Start of the race

But I always did! My goal from the beginning was to not walk and to finish under an hour. I DID IT! But at first... I thought I had failed. When I crossed the finish line, the time said 1 hour, 18 minutes. I was PISSED! I was yelling at myself in my head for going so slow and I just kind of had to walk it out. I don't know why I was so mad...probably just because I knew I should have trained more and I was lazy instead. Ha! So after I cooled down and my cheering team ran over (Andy, CJ, Mom and Dad) and they told me my time. I was so HAPPY! At that point, I could say how proud of myself I was... I did it! I accomplished my goal! I chowed down on some oranges and a bagel and chugged lots of water. And then I was just happy...and proud. And for some reason...super talkative!! I kept just talking talking talking and didn't really care what I was talking about or if anyone was listening. It was so strange. I was crazy sore after, but it was totally worth it. And now, after running an 8k, I've decided I am okay with sticking to 5k's from here on out. :) No, I'll run other races too...I'll just know now that I have to actually train. I can't just wing it (if I want to enjoy it, that is). 

Ahh...there's a smile. I'm nasty...but I'm smiling. 

The course was actually really great! It was fairly flat except one small part. I ran past a lake that would have had the reflection of Mt. Si in it if it wasn't overcast (but so thankful it was overcast, because one part during the race there was a lot of sun and it made it really hard to run).
So there you have it folks, the story of my 8k. What a great experience... :) Not fun during the run, but definitely proud of myself for the accomplishment.

Here are my stats (I'm only going to share the good ones):
Final time: 53 min. 27 sec.
Average mile: 10 min. 45 sec.
I was 245 out of 369 finishers (not tooo bad...)


  1. Good for you for making a goal and accomplishing it! I hate running, so this is something I have vowed to never do! So I am super impressed with you. And you look great in the pictures, not nasty at all!

  2. I'm so so proud of you Kell! I really wish I was there to support you, or maybe even try to train and run with you. I love how Andy is supporting you on the sidelines, wearing an xbox shirt. Ha!

  3. Good job Kell. Hey I work out to "We are Young" all the time when I run. It is such a good song to get you going. Good job on reaching your goals! I would have loved to have been there at the end when you just kept talking. haha. Sounds like it was really funny.