Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Good News

Well here is the good news for why I am so happy! :) Andy was offered a new job at Waggener Edstrom and is now an Account Executive for one of the Microsoft Teams. Yip Yip Yippee! 

A few months ago, Andy was getting a little burnt out working at Laplink. He felt like he had hit his ceiling and couldn't grow much further at that company. With a few other little "pushes", he decided he was going to start looking around. So he sent his resume over to WagEd in November-ish and had a few interviews for different positions, but they didn't work out. I guess we really needed to be tested, huh? We were both getting a little frustrated because we knew they loved him and they really wanted him to work what was taking so long? Apparently, we needed to learn some humility and patience before we could be blessed!

So just last week, he had a phone interview, in-person interview, and a job offer (all in 3 or 4 days!). It was crazy and still doesn't seem real because it happened so fast. He will be doing AR (Analyst Relations) for the Microsoft Azure team. He said he's really excited for it because he will get to "geek out" on all the products. That boy seriously loves his technology. So, besides the huge pay raise, I am just excited for this new challenge for him! He will be able to learn so much and the company is so large that there will always be opportunities for growth. 

And for all of those people out there wondering... no this does not meant that we will be moving. :) WagEd does have offices all over the country, except for Utah! But we are lucky enough that the office is just down the street from Andy's current office, so we will still be able to carpool into work together. 

So sorry for those of you were thought this was Baby News or Moving to Utah news... hope you aren't too disappointed. You shouldn't be... because if Andy's happy, then you know that I'm happy - and that should make you happy! 


  1. Does Phoenix happen to be one of the cities that this company is in? That would be sweet! I seriously am so happy for you guys! Tell Andy congrats for me again.

  2. Yeah move to Phoenix then you will closer and it is cheaper to fly to Utah! I'm okay with that because it is the next best thing to Utah. We're very happy for you guys, congrats!