Friday, August 26, 2011

Mary Kay

Well everyone... I have joined the ranks of Mary Kay! I love Mary Kay products and have finally decided that I have the guts to be a consultant. :) I want to introduce everyone I know to Mary Kay products, because they literally are the best out there. I have been using Mary Kay for 4 years now (off and on, due to money) and there are certain products that I would never go anywhere else for (i.e. the eye primer and eye shadows). I am excited to start using all of their products again!
The reason I wanted to start selling was to make extra money to put aside for all of our trips to Utah (and now Arizona) to see friends and family. The money adds up for plane tickets and I never want to miss out on anything important just because "it's too expensive". So we'll see how it goes! You all know that I am not a pushy person, I like people to do whatever they want and feel comfortable. So that's how I'm going to treat my Mary Kay business. I've been to the parties where you feel pressured into buying something or to become a Consultant...that's not going to be me. If you don't ever want to do a party, that's totally fine! You can order your product online and never even talk to me. You can text or email...really the choice is yours! I'm just excited to share Mary Kay products.
So if you need a gift for a loved one (seriously, best sugar scrubs, ever!) or need some pampering for yourself, just look at my website or contact me and I'll hook you up! Love you guys...thanks for your support.


  1. I love the added trips to Arizona. :) How about I'll hold a party down here, just to get you to come visit. Sound good?

  2. I love it Kell! I am excited for you to start. I am sure that you will love it!!