Friday, March 18, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

So, I recently heard on the radio about this lady who dedicates service to her mom called "Mom's Six Days". She will do random things, one of them has been to pay for someone's groceries in the line behind her. I have always thought how sweet that is and how I would love to be "brave" enough to do that for someone. Well, I would never have believed it would happen to me! Mine wasn't as great as someone buying my groceries, but they bought my McDonald's! :) I got up to the window all ready to pay and the guy said that the lady in front of me took care of it. I couldn't believe it and he had to keep reassuring me that it was taken care of. I sat there and said "how do I say Thank You?" I felt like getting out of my car and running up to her window and saying thank you, or following her out of the drive through waiting to pull up along side her, or something...but I just sat there with a big smile on my face hoping she would look in her rear-view mirror and see how happy I was and as she pulled away I waved... I won't ever know if she saw me and that makes me feel ungrateful. So I want to say THANK YOU Silver Toyota Highlander lady. You made my day! Not only did I get my 1 million calorie meal, but I got it for free! Thank you! :) Now, what can I do to pass the kindness on...?

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  1. Kellie, you're such a beautiful person inside and out. thanks for sharing your experience and your desire to do and be better by serving. you're awesome!