Sunday, March 13, 2011


Well, since I'm so good at making my goals...not! I've finally decided to just sit down and post something. All of my pictures are now on the computer, so really I have no excuse. I had to put up some pictures from Christmas because I was so proud of our cute little apartment (and by that, I really mean just our stockings!)

I thought that I would try to make our stockings, but when I saw these knit ones and they were on sale...couldn't pass it up! I love them! Here are a few pictures from our Utah Christmas...

Way cute picture of me and Linds at the lights... :) I forced all of the friends to get together and meet at Temple Square because I HAD to see the lights, but it was just a great time...really...haha! Anyway, here are some pictures of the dresses I made for my nieces. There are 2 of the pink ones for the twins (but I didn't find it necessary to take a picture of both) :) They were fun to make on my new sewing machine.So I think that about sums up Christmas time. Then came my birthday and Andy's (pictures are on facebook if you wanna see). Andy surprised me with a new camera and his family all pitched in and bought me my very own KitchenAid. I am in love with it! And my mom and sister gave me a bunch of fun fabric and stuff. It was a really really great day and I was too spoiled. Even though Andy didn't take me country swing dancing...but I'll get him there eventually. Andy turned 25 this year so I decided he needed to have a surprise party. So I worked out all the plans and had his family meet us at this indoor go-kart racing place. He had NO idea! It was so much fun! The go-karts were so fast (not when I was driving...cuz I'm a wuss...), but we all had a really good time. One of my best friends, Janny-bananny, got married last week and so we went back to Utah for that. The girls and I got together for her Bachelorette party and went bowling. Unfortunately, my camera was dead so I didn't get any pictures (you would all want to see me!). Then we went back to Whit's house and did the waxing, facials, painting toe nails thing and had a sleepover. It was so much fun to be with my girls again. It made it really hard to come back home. Andy and I made a trip up to Logan and visited Utah State. I do love it there, but could probably never live there's so small. Haha! Jan's wedding was the next day and it was really really nice! I loved being in the sealing room with them and hearing all the blessings they will be receiving. It was such a good reminder of the day Andy and I were married, because I seriously don't remember much from our sealing. I teared up a little and for some that shocked Linds and Andy...I don't know why! I was just so touched and loved to see my Janny become a married woman. After a crazy long day of wedding stuff, we finally got home and got to relax and hang out with the fam the next day. It was amazing how the timing all worked out because my brother Dan, who is over in the middle East right now, was home at the same time as us for his R&R. I was so glad we got to see him, even just for a day. And now we're back home in rainy Bellevue (literally pouring right now!). I have had a hard time for some reason coming back home after this trip. Maybe it's because it was so short... But we're back to work and our church callings (speaking of...I've got some stuff to do for Girls Camp...) and we're looking forward to soccer season starting up on Tuesday; I'm especially excited for baseball season to start, can't wait to watch those Mariners play! Well, that about sums up the last 4 months or so. Oh wait, I forgot to mention that Andy and I are planning on going on a Mexican cruise later this year and I seriously can't wait! I'm so excited to just have a vacation to ourselves. Yay!

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  1. Yeah! I was so excited to see you! I hope that you had a good time while you were here. I loved having a night with just the girls. Maybe whit should get married soon so we can do it again. haha. But not to Blake, first goal find someone new then get married so you can come out.