Monday, July 16, 2012

We are moving!

Andy and I are moving...again. It's the same old story, our lease was up, they increased our rent, the apartment size still stayed the same. We had a good run though; 2 years in the same place...that's pretty good for us! We looked and looked for an apartment in our ward boundaries, but it was just not gonna happen....unless we wanted to pay $200 more a tiny bit more room. Not gonna happen. Therefore, we decided to venture out of our ward boundaries (I know, I could we??) and we found a TON of condos to rent - double the space and only a little bit more a month. *Please note that the decision to move and the searching all took place in a matter of 1 week* We looked at 2 places on a Wednesday, really liked the second one, but were kind of holding out for a condo we were going to see on that following Saturday. They couldn't really wait for us that long to submit our application, so we decided to just submit the application and eat the $100 if we liked the other place better. Friday rolls around, and we weren't feeling too confident in getting that first place we liked because of the other parties interested, but we knew that this place we were checking out on Saturday would be the one, if it looked the pictures (big IF!). But I get home from work, got a phone call - it was the Saturday condo saying that they were cancelling our appointment because someone else was interested and their apps looked good. Boy was I upset! This was the condo that was making me OK with moving outside of our what to do? Oh well, check your email, Kellie! And that's what I did. Right after I got off the phone, I checked my email and the Wednesday condo said the place was ours if we wanted it!!!! Boy, did we want it! So we got the ball rolling, put down the deposit, signed the paperwork...and we move in on the 31st! Yippee!! I just love when things work out how you want them to.
I'm not sure how long this link will work, but if you click here then you'll be able to see few pictures of the new place. And obviously I'll write a post about it once we get in and all settled. But I'm just excited for 2 bedrooms and 1050 square feet! Wahoo! I've never lived in that much space (well, except at the in-laws for a few months). But 1050 sq. feet of my, I can't even believe it. We went from around 300 sq. ft. in Logan to 570 sq. ft. where we live now. There is going to be so much space!!!!!!! Until a little one comes along and takes up all of my newly acquired, much-loved space (but I can't complain about that, now can I??) :)

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  1. We can come and use your extra space until that little one comes along! I love the new place though. That is going to be so nice for you guys. You don't know what to do with all the extra space. Yea for moving! We move in the 30th so right around the same time as you.