Friday, June 8, 2012


Andy and I decided that we needed to start taking advantage of the really nice days here in Washington, because they don't come very often. The Saturday before Memorial Day was really really nice, so we rented a double kayak and paddled around Lake Union and Lake Washington. I had so much fun taking pictures, it was so beautiful! We rode past a bunch of houseboats - it's crazy how small they are and you know they probably cost millions of dollars. I sometimes think it would be cool to live on a houseboat...but the thing that worries me, is if we have kids and they would be way too close to the water. My mind just goes crazy thinking about the accidents that could occur. So pretty sure we will never own a houseboat on the lake. And that's the only reason why...the money wouldn't be the issue. :) 

Paddling was pretty easy, for the most part. We reached this one area called "The Cut", it's a narrow passage where you cross from Lake Union into Lake Washington. It was super crowded in there with boats and the water was really choppy. It would come up and splash us and soak out butts, that wasn't too much fun. Once we crossed over into Lake Washington, we were pretty tired and there wasn't a ton to see over there. We just kind of relaxed and pumped ourselves up to go back through The Cut. By this time, we'd been out for about an hour and half, maybe. We probably could have kept going, but we were dumb and didn't eat before we headed out and didn't bring snacks. We were both we started heading back and the way back was pretty tough! The wind was against us and when we went through The Cut, there wasn't a single boat going our direction so we had to battle that! But it's good that we had plenty of time to kill because we certainly took our sweet time. 

We both really enjoyed paddling through the lily pads. I kept expecting to see a fat frog sitting on top of one...didn't happen. But I really don't think I've ever seen a lily pad before, I loved them! We were out there for about 3 hours, I think. I got some nice sun and a sweet tanline on my legs. I can't wait to do it again, but next time I might try Stand-up paddleboarding...we'll see. Because if I'm the only one to do it, and  everyone else kayaks... I would fall way behind and that wouldn't be fun. So we'll see. Anyway, if anyone want to come visit us in the summer, we can go kayaking!! :)
Sweet baby ducks!

We tried to stay under this bridge long enough for it to go up, but we  didn't think it would happen. After we passed it, it started going up!

Very artistic shot of Andy :)

I told Andy I wanted to paddle all by was tough!

Don't mind my garments hanging out of my annoying! 

Kiss kiss

Lake Washington

Lily pads. I don't think I've ever seen a real lily pad before!

Sleepless in Seattle house - the blue one

We paddled right under the freeway. It was pretty cool.

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