Friday, June 18, 2010

Trip to Utah!

Well I can't believe that I didn't take any pictures while in Utah, but I can still write about our trip! It was amazing!! Andy and I flew in late Thursday night. My family "didn't know" that Andy was coming, so we tried to surprise them even further and had Ben and Linds pick Andy up and show up to the house later. Apparently it didn't really work since everyone was already asleep and expected him to be there anyway; but hey at least we tried! That's half the fun I think. So Linds and Ben stayed to talk and then my Janny came over! Yay! It was so awesome to see her! She's amazing!! It was just so good to be with my friends again, I definitely miss that. So we stayed up until 3 am talking and laughing and having so much fun. I haven't stayed up that late for a long time, but it just felt like we had to in order to have plenty of time to catch up! We finally went to bed and I just have to say Thank You mom and dad for buying a mattress for when visitors come! That ruled! It was so hard to stay at mom and dad's before because we had to sleep on the air mattress or on the couch bed and didn't have a room to stay in. So thank you! It made the trip 100 times better. :)
So the next day was all about the girls; eating lunch at Chili's, Facials (my first one ever! It was amazing!), shopping at Victoria Secret, and finished it off with date night. It was such a fun day. I think my favorite part, no offense girls, was when Andy text me all day letting me know how much he missed me! I love when he says he misses me even though I just saw him like 2 hours before. :) It just makes me smile! So anyway, stayed up late again and had to wake up early...again, on Saturday. We had a baby shower for Judy and baby Gracie and then had a family swimming party (yep, in the wind and rain). Definitely helps when the pool is more like a hot tub! It was just so fun to be with the whole family and our nieces and nephews. They're so darn cute! So stayed up late again...and had to wake up early again on Sunday for Jan's Homecoming! Oh my, I can't even believe what an amazing job she did. She has become so spiritual and the Spirit is always with her. She knows how to follow the Spirit to teach what people need to hear, especially me! I want to become a better person so that I can feel worthy to be her friend because she is just so amazing! Sorry this is getting a little cheesy/sappy, whatever...but that's seriously how I feel! She makes me want to be a better person. It was just so good to see a ton of people that I haven't seen, probably since her farewell! I loved it!
Another one of my favorite parts of the trip was seeing Andy have so much fun with my friends! He loves them just as much as I do, especially his buddy Ben! :) And for some reason, we can't quite figure out why because we don't feel that anything special happened...but Andy and I just fell more in love while we were there! It was amazing to feel our love grow...I didn't think that it was possible to grow anymore, but it definitely can! Sorry, again, getting too sappy. :)
We just did so much while we were there and had so much fun! We were constantly busy and doing something, I think that's how vacations so be. Andy called it a "visitation" though, because "vacations" are supposed to be relaxing. Funny boy! Anyway, we just had such a fun time spending those few days with everybody! But you know, once we landed in Seattle it just felt like Home! Which is such a good thing, because this is where we live now. It's just nice that I don't hold any grudges or regret because we moved here. This is where we're supposed to be and life is wonderful! I will always enjoy our trips back to Utah and seeing family and friends, but for now Seattle is our home; and I love it! :)

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